12 Unique, Best Baby Shower Gifts for Grandma She Will Love to Get •

12 Unique, Best Baby Shower Gifts for Grandma She Will Love to Get •

12 Unique, Best Baby Shower Gifts for Grandma She Will Love to Get •

10 best baby shower gifts for grandmaBecoming a grandma for the first time is indeed one of the most beautiful feelings in the whole world.

Waiting to hold the little bundle of joy in her hands can be such a pure and joyous moment for the Granny.

So it becomes indeed essential that you find the best and the most memorable baby shower gift for first time grandma: something which she can treasure forever.

But, if you are wondering as to what could be a good baby shower gift for her, then this post will make it easy for you.

You know why?

Well, I have compiled a list of 12 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Grandma.

So, all you need to do is to pick up the one which you feel will be most loved by her.


1. Grandma to Be Sash:

A perfect way to announce your Mom’s promotion to Grandma could be this beautiful “Grandma to Be” Sash.

Let her enjoy the baby shower as she wears this sash. It will be a fun way to enjoy the shower.

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2. Baby Shower Grandma Button:

This is such a cute pin back button which will tell all the guests “I’m the Grandma”.

The grey background and the pink stroller makes it look so adorable. Just let the guests envy the Grandma.

If you want, you can even get it customised for all the other guests too or special relatives like aunt or great grandma.

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This is also available in blue color if you have a baby boy.

3. Best Moms Get Promoted to Grandma Shirt:

Gifting the first time Grandma tshirt which says ‘The best Moms get Promoted to Grandma’ is surely going to make her happy.

She would love to wear this in the baby shower and express her joy to all.

This shirt is available in many colors to choose from.

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4. Grandma’s Brag Book:

A brag book for Grandma could be a good baby shower gift.

All you need to do is to add the pictures of the little one and Granny will love it so much.

Its a cute brag book which will document every stage of a child’s life.

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5. Grandma Life Story Frame:

A life story frame can be such a sentimental gift for Grandma.

It will showcase her own journey from being a girl, to a mother and finally a Grandma.

This is something which will be so much loved by her.

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6. Personalised Photo Album:

A photo album will be such a fun gift for Grandma.

This will be a memorable photo album which Grandma can have a look whenever she wants.

You can add as many as 72 photos in it.

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7. Personalized Teddy Bear:

This soft and cuddly teddy bear will soon become the best friend of Granny.

She will just adore it. In fact, this teddy will always remind her of the little one.

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8. Grandmother Angel Figurine:

A granny is more like an angel for the grandchild.

So why not gift her this beautiful Grandmother Angel Figurine on Baby Shower.

Let her feel special as she prepares herself to nourish the newborn.

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9. Grandma’s Tote:

A personalized Tote for Grandma can be one of the best ever baby shower gifts for her.

She will love to get this as it carries the image of the newborn baby.

Get this one personalized with the picture of the baby along with the name as well.

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10. Grandma Poem with Candle Holder:

A candle holder could be a good baby shower gift for Grandma.

She will love this as it looks so pretty.

This tealight candle holder comes with wings to describe the Granny as an Angel.

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11.  Grandma’s Suncatcher:

A personalized suncatcher can make a good gift for First time Grandma.

What is great about this – you can get it personalized with the name of the Granny.

Let this suncatcher add a personal touch to the window of her home.

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12. Great Grandma Frame:

A picture speaks thousands words.

This beautiful wooden and metal frame is such a delightful gift for the Grandma.

Once the baby is born she can have the very first image of herself with the baby in this frame.

She will love to keep it always with her.

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