10 essential items for your emergency bride survival kit

10 essential items for your emergency bride survival kit

10 essential items for your emergency bride survival kit

While the words ‘emergency bride survival kit’ conjure up visions of Bear Grylls scaling Everest, there are a few key items no bride should be without on her big day. Forget the pen knife and compass, we’re talking tissues and nail files – essentials that will attend to any beauty ‘issues’ during the day.

When it comes to carrying these items, no bride should walk down the aisle with a handbag, and it’s a little unfair to give everything to your bridesmaids. So, pack a small tote bag with your ‘bride survival kit’ and keep it easily accessible throughout the day – perhaps in the ladies loo or bridal prep room. Ready to pack? Here’s our suggested list of treasures every bride should keep close to hand…

1. A sewing kit

While you don’t need reams of thread, a mini-kit complete with needle, thread, a button and safety pins can rescue any difficult dress moments.

© Craft Hubs

2. Eye make-up remover pads

Smudged mascara and eyeliner errors sometimes need a little assistance. Pop your tweezers in too – you never know when you’ll need to get rid of a stray hair or a splinter.

© Makeup Vida London

3. Tissues

We all shed a happy tear from time to time, and your wedding day is likely to have a few emotional moments. Be prepared!

© Better Homes and Gardens

4. Medicine

You don’t need an entire first aid kit here, but if you’re prone to headaches or allergies, for example, it’s wise to take precautions in the form of pain killers and antihistamine in your bride survival kit.

© Dezeen

5. Wet wipes

Hot days at an outdoor wedding venue and a higher stress level than usual can mean you’ll appreciate being able to freshen up on the go. There’s no harm in packing a deodorant or body spray for the same reason.

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6. Make up essentials

You don’t need your entire make up bag here, just a few basics to touch up your face and lips throughout the day, and perhaps some additional eye liner or a different lip shade for the evening. Put your perfume in too, for a quick update before the evening party, and a mirror so you can fix your make up wherever you are.

© Not on the High Street

7. Hair pins

You’re unlikely to need them, but a few spare pins are always useful if you feel your hair style is loosening part way through the day.  The same goes for hairspray, if you have room in your tote bag!

© Lovely Indeed

8. Dressmakers chalk

You just never know when something might get spilled on your beautiful white dress. If it’s towards the end of the evening, you probably won’t care, but if it’s earlier in the day, some white chalk in your bride survival kit can really help to cover it up.

© John Lewis

9. Nail necessities

Pack a small nail file, and a bottle of nail polish in your chosen colour. If you chip a nail, you might not be able to make it look absolutely perfect but you’ll certainly be able to patch it up for the day.

© Craftaholics

10. And finally… a granola bar

When emotions are running high, it’s not all together uncommon to feel a little light-headed, particularly if you have been too excited to eat breakfast. Keep a high-energy seed bar in your bag on the off chance that you might need a quick energy hit.

© Homemade Recipes

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