10 Easter Symbols and their Meanings

10 Easter Symbols and their Meanings

10 Easter Symbols and their Meanings

10 Easter Symbols and their Meanings

Easter symbols refer to all those things that signify the beautiful festival of Easter. They are often used during Easter at different places. Each of them have a different history attached to them and a reason why they are Easter symbols. Below are given the main symbols of Easter:

1. Cross

The cross naturally represents the cross on Mount Calvary on which Jesus Christ was crucified.

2. Eggs

Eggs signify new life. Hence they are the main symbols of an Easter celebration. Today Easter eggs, are are an inseparable part of an Easter preparation.

3. Chickens

Chickens came to be a part of Easter because just like eggs, they symbolize new life. Often pictures of chickens are printed on Easter greeting cards and Easter banners.

4. Bunnies

An Easter bunny or a rabbit carries characteristics similar to the Santa Claus of Christmas. It is believed that the two-toothed creature delivers Easter eggs, candies or gifts for children on Easter. The reason why rabbits came to be associated with Easter is that for ages they were symbols of fertility and new life.

5. Easter flowers

White lilies, daffodils and tulips are often termed as Easter flowers. The main reason for this is that they symbolize innocence, purity and the spring season.

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