10 College Acceptance Gifts with School Spirit

10 College Acceptance Gifts with School Spirit

10 College Acceptance Gifts with School Spirit

10 College Acceptance Gifts with School Spirit

The college application process is a long and stressful year, from visiting schools to working through an application, and ending with acceptance letter or email. Once the letter arrives the celebration can begin. You may choose to celebrate in many ways, but one way is to give the gift of school spirit. Your student has been part of your local school for years, and now it’s time to get excited about becoming part of a new alma mater. These 10 school spirit college acceptance gifts will help your student realize their new life and decision, and help them show off their accomplishment at home before they reach campus.

1: Sweatshirt

Syracuse Orange HoodieOwning a college sweatshirt is sort of a rite of passage for new students. Being able to represent their school colors and feel like they belong at their college is something incoming freshmen may struggle with. Gifting them a sweatshirt before they move onto campus will help them adjust to changing schools and get excited about their future.

2: T-shirt

Syracuse Orange MensA college t-shirt is another great option for a school spirit gift. This shirt will quickly become one of their favorites and can be a great way to represent their future at school and show off their acceptance at their current high school. T-shirts can also be worn to sports practices and other events, helping the student support their future in any activity.

3: Hat

Stretch Fit CapNot every student is into wearing hats, but most college students will purchase a school emblem hat before their four years are through. Hats are the most common way to represent a college well after graduation, and gifting a new hat to a student who enjoys this accessory will be a nice way to celebrate their achievement.

4: Lanyard

ncaa lanyardOn a college campus a lanyard is a necessity. It’s a great tool for holding their school ID as well as their dorm room keys, car keys, and any other access item like a fob. Gifting this lanyard early is a small way to celebrate a great job, and get them ready for what’s ahead. This also saves the student from having to navigate the college store early on and will help them keep track of their ID and keys from day one on campus.

5: Keychain

Syracuse Orange Bottle OpenerA keychain is a classic gift for college acceptance. High school seniors can immediately use it on their car keys and can be a sign that they’re growing up. College emblem key chains are great gifts and will last through their four years and beyond. The best option here is a simple emblem with school colors on a metal base. This will show wear over the years and remind the student of their acceptance and the adventure they experienced.

6: Pennant

Syracuse PennantAnother classic college item is the pennant. It’s an old school gift filled with college spirit. School pennants look great on bulletin boards both at home and in a new dorm room. These are usually bright with college colors and are a small but unique way to celebrate an acceptance letter. Pennants also store well and don’t go through much wear and tear, making this an item that can last over time and become a keepsake well after college days are over.

7: Mug

Syracuse Ceramic Coffee MugA college emblem mug is a fun way to celebrate an acceptance letter. College students have a future filled with studying and coffee, which requires a handsome mug to get the job done. College stores have a variety of mugs available from classic college colors to emblems and everything in between. Students often forget to bring a ceramic mug with them and late night study sessions just aren’t complete without one with school spirit.

8: Car decal

Wincraft Color DecalOnce the acceptance letter arrives the bragging rights begin. A great gift to help your student along is a car decal. Much like parents like to tote their honor student bumper sticker, newly accepted college students enjoy their school decals. Placed in the rear window they will show off their proud accomplishment for a long while. This decal is just the beginning of school spirit on the car, a campus parking pass is soon to follow.

9: License plate frame

Metal License Plate FrameMuch like the decal, a license plate frame is another way to share school spirit on the car. This is a great acceptance gift because the student can celebrate early by installing it, and they can show their pride throughout college and beyond. Many alumni enjoy a license plate frame and it’s a mature way to represent their new school.

10: Water bottle

Syracuse Water BottleFinally, a simple gift to celebrate college acceptance is a water bottle. Many colleges have them with their college logo, and it’s a great gift for those in athletics or those who frequent the gym. A water bottle is simple but also useful when the student goes to high school or college, and it’s a great way to add some new school spirit to their daily lives.

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