Sean White Reveals His Valentine’s Day Survival Guide – NBC Chicago

Sean White Reveals His Valentine's Day Survival Guide - NBC Chicago

Sean White Reveals His Valentine’s Day Survival Guide – NBC Chicago


Three-time Olympic gold medalist. Thirteen-time Winter X-Games Gold Medalist. Valentine’s Day Specialist?

Sean White is a man of many talents – he just finished fourth in his last snowboard event – but you might be surprised by his romantic expertise.

The 35-year-old California native shared his Valentine’s Day survival guide as he prepares for the Feb. 14 holiday with girlfriend actress Nina Dobrev.

“I’ve always done something more down-to-earth,” White said. “I’m more of a quality person.

“I would say that horseback riding is something I enjoy lately. The equestrian dream itself.”

If jumping on a horse isn’t an option, don’t worry. White has other tricks.

“I do like surprises,” White said. “I like to pretend I don’t have any plans until your partner is really pissed off at you. Then, halfway through their day… boom. You hit them with candle trails all the way to the grand dinner set up and the band playing or whatever.”

It seems easy, doesn’t it? Plan something, don’t tell anyone, and drop the news at the last minute.

White does have one last tip, and it’s as simple and effective as possible.

“It’s all about the notes,” he said. “You have to be able to write about your feelings and tell people what they mean to you.”

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