10 Gift Exchange Games for your Holiday Party • Essentially Sydney

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10 Gift Exchange Games for your Holiday Party • Essentially Sydney

10 Gift Exchange Games for your Holiday Party • Essentially Sydney

10 Gift Exchange Games for your Holiday Party

Everyone loves a good gift exchange game! You set a price limit and go crazy! It is always so fun to see whatever one ends up with! Some gifts are goofy, some are sweet, some a just downright awful! But it is all in fun! So if you are wanting to switch up your holiday party gift exchange games this year, you’ve come to the right place for a new idea! I can’t wait to hear which one you pick!!

gift exchange games

Gift Exchange Games

White Elephant
This is a classic! The idea gift for this game is a gag gift. Have everyone draw a number from a bowl. The person with #1 goes first. They chose a gift from the pile and open it. Then #2 can either chose a new gift from the pile or they can steal #1s gift. If they steal the gift, then #1 gets to open another gift! And so on! A gift can only be stolen 3 times before it becomes off limits.

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A Christmas Story
Pick your favorite Christmas story and add the words LEFT and RIGHT in between the words. Everyone starts out by holding a gift and as the story is read, they pass the gifts around. Whatever gift you end with is yours to keep!

Book Exchange
Bring in your favorite book and include a description about why you love it. Draw names out of a hat to determine the order the books are chosen.

Gift Guess
Wrap a gift of you choice in a crazy way, hold it up for every to see and let them guess. You can give clues. The first person to guess it, keeps it!

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Musical Chairs
This one can be done with adults or children! Have everyone sit in a circle and pass a gift around as the music plays. When it stops, that’s the person that gets it. Continue until all the gifts are given out.

Coffee Cups
Find the craziest (or cutest) coffee mug you can and wrap it up! Place a number on it and have everyone draw a number out of a hat.

Secret Santa
This one is a secret! Everyone draws a name out of the hat and that is the person they are shopping for! Make sure you set a price limit to make things fair!

Pet Exchange
Get together all your pet owner friends and do an exchange for the furry friends instead!

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Cookie Swap
Classic and tasty! You guessed it, everyone makes their favorite cookie and brings them to swap!

Holiday Spirits
Bring your favorite cocktail all wrapped up and add a fun cup. You can keep costs low by using mini bottles.

gift exchange games

How fun does all of those games sound?? Anyone of them would be a hit at your holiday party! The best part is if you love more than one, you can use the others in future years! The possibilities are endless! Have you participated in any of these games before? Comment below your favorite!

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