Zio Peppe’s Three-Course Valentine’s Dinner

Salmonage รก Trois for Valentine's Day 2021 by Zio Peppe

Zio Peppe’s Three-Course Valentine’s Dinner


The wide selection of each dish is a great addition to this delicious V-Day dinner.

If you’ve been waiting for a special occasion to give Zio Peppe a try (or a return visit), this Valentine’s Day is the time.

Chefs Devon Sanner and Mat Cable have designed three delicious courses, each of which also offers guests a variety of options.

Zio Peppe’s Valentine’s Day dinner is almost full, but there’s still room. This experience is $70 per person. Pre-orders can be made on OpenTable.

Salmonage รก Trois for Valentine's Day 2021 by Zio Peppe

Salmonage รก Trois at Zio Peppe for Valentine’s Day 2021. (Photo by Jackie Tran)

Zio Peppe’s 2021 Three-Course Valentine’s Day Dinner

first course

Choose one:

salmon salmon โ€“ Includes Salmon Mousse Parfait with Avocado and Beets; Tequila and Lime Marinated Salmon Gravy with Cucumber, Cilantro, Serrano; and Salmon Rilet ciabatta

Oh Shirley! โ€“ Sherry Black Bean Soup, Crispy Prosciutto, Parmesan, Guajillo/Orange Cream

Star-Crust Lovers Crostini Trio โ€“ Includes Parmigiano and Piquillo Fonduta; Heirloom Tomato Sauce and Fresh Mozzarella, Truffle Cannellini Refried Beans, La Reina Salsa

The Star-Crust Lovers Crostini Trio for Valentine’s Day 2021 from Zio Peppe (Photo by Jackie Tran)

main course

Choose one:

tender bones โ€“ Veal Ossobuco, Creamy Polenta, Gremolata

what is capture โ€“ Citrus, Herb and Crab Stuffed Branzino, Roasted Asparagus, Saffron Risotto,
Lemon & Caper Beurre Blanc, smoked eggplant ravioli, walnut cream sauce, pomegranate, cilantro and chile puree

Zio Peppe's 2021 Valentine's Day Harvest


Choose one:

pick me up โ€“ Tiramisu, Orchata Pudding, Orange Caramel, English Coffee Cream

topped with cherries – Tortoni Cheesecake with Almond Crust, Tart Cherry Filling, Amarena Cherries

Click here to book Zio Peppe’s Valentine’s Day dinner on OpenTable.

Zio Peppe is located at 6502 E Tanque Verde Rd. For more information, contact Zio Peppe at 520-888-4242 or visit online at ziopeppe.com.

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