You’ve Been Gobbled Free Thanksgiving Printable

You've Been Gobbled Free Thanksgiving Printable

You’ve Been Gobbled Free Thanksgiving Printable

Enjoy this fun You’ve Been Gobbled printable to surprise your family & neighbors with a thankful treat.

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Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together and share with one another. With covid this year, more families will be choosing to stay home and not visit family.

We are one of those families since we live across the ocean from our family and some are immunocompromised. Although we are sad to not be able to visit family this year or have them be able to visit us, there are still ways to be able to share and celebrate with our neighbors.

The You’ve Been Gobbled activity is a fun alternative for people who are unable to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with family and friends.


What is you’ve been gobbled?

You’ve Been Gobbled is a fun activity where you gift your family or neighbors with a special Thanksgiving treat, big or small.

You print out our free printable You’ve Been Gobbled sign and instructions and add it to your basket full of goodies.

After you are done, you leave your You’ve Been Gobbled basket in the front of your neighbor or family’s door for them to find.

They are then asked to participate as well with 2 others who have not yet participated.

It’s like a secret santa, but Thanksgiving themed!

This is the perfect social distancing Thanksgiving activity for this year, especially since cases are going up and we are headed for flu season as well.

You’ve been gobbled basket ideas

We all know that this year has been economically hard on a lot of families. So please don’t feel you need to break the bank to participate! This activity is meant to be fun!

There are so many items at the dollar store that you can use in your basket. You can also make something as well instead of buying treats. Get creative!

Here are some inexpensive You’ve Been Gobbled Basket Ideas that you can find at the dollar store and create a basket all for under $5.00:

  • a mug, socks and tea or hot cocoa mix
  • coloring books for the kids (or adults!) and crayons or color pencils
  • cake mix, sprinkles, frosting
  • a fall scented candle and pumpkin-flavored treats
  • fall scented hand soap and cute dish towel
  • popcorn and fun add ins

Free You’ve Been Gobbled Basket Ideas

  • write down your families favorite recipes
  • list your favorite holiday movie suggestions
  • create a fun scavenger hunt game
  • print out some free thanksgiving games

As you can see, there are so many ways to participate in this fun Thanksgiving You’ve Been Gobbled activity!

To download your free You’ve Been Gobbled printable click below:

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