Your Weekly Horoscope for February 11 to February 18: How Romantic Will Your Valentine’s Day Be?

Your Weekly Horoscope for February 11 to February 18: How Romantic Will Your Valentine’s Day Be?

Your Weekly Horoscope for February 11 to February 18: How Romantic Will Your Valentine’s Day Be?

Your Weekly Horoscope for February 11 to February 18: How Romantic Will Your Valentine’s Day Be?

It’s an astrologically auspicious week, and when major planetary action aligns with a major date on the calendar—like, you know, Valentine’s Day—one thing’s for certain. Life will not be boring. So what will it be? Well, in a lot of ways, that’s up to you. On Thusday, a solar eclipse in Aquarius brings major changes, and could be the refresh you need in your life. However, with a beginning often comes an end, and endings, as welcome or expected as they may be, are never easy. You may feel like this week is an in-between—the before one chapter and the after of another. The more all signs can embrace uncertainty, the better. This is especially relevant as Mercury enters Pisces next week, followed by the shift of the sun from Aquarius to Pisces. This shift makes us ask ourselves the big questions. Live in the questions now, and the answers will become clear. Here, your weekly horoscope for all signs for the week of February 11 to February 18.

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Aries Weekly Horoscope 
With a flurry of activity in your social sector, you may feel like life is one big party. And it can be! But the solar eclipse may make you ask yourself what’s the point? So what is the point? Only you know the answer, but you’re working toward a larger goal that involves the integration of everything going on in your life. Compartmentalization doesn’t work anymore. You may already be seeing this, as you may be socializing more with colleagues, or finding professional opportunities from your friends. The weekend asks you to tune into yourself. Who are you, Aries? You know yourself, but are you presenting that same self to people across different areas of your life/ If not, it’s time to start. 

Taurus Weekly Horoscope  
The solar eclipse in your career zone pushes professional matters front and center, Bulls. You may feel like you’re not ready for the next step, or you’re being asked to take on responsibilities that may be beyond you. Trust that the universe knows you’re ready. A little fear can be a valuable thing. If you’re feeling too comfortable, this is your week to shake things up. Update your resume, apply for jobs, and put yourself out there. This is the type of week where luck meets opportunity. But it’s not all work and no play. Your social life can sparkle, but again, you need to take initiative. 

Gemini Weekly Horoscope    
You’re grappling with the big questions, and a life coach, enrichment course, or book like A Course in Miracles could be a great resource, Gemini. You’re not alone. The solar eclipse could usher in a new chapter of your life, and it’s a great time to change bad habits, and if you’re motivated, you can cultivate new habits that stick. In order to maximize your growth, it’s a good time to focus on others and really home in on your empathy. Volunteer work or even just listening or being a sounding board to friends can help clue you into next steps. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope
Sobering Saturn is in your relationship zone, and it’s teaching you some serious lessons. It’s not a “fun” time in your life, but it’s a profound one for spiritual growth. One of the biggies this week How to be honest with others and also understanding their point of view and empathizing with their feelings. Compromise is everything this week, and remember that when you’re hurt and disappointed in a romantic relationship, there’s a very good chance they may be feeling the same lost feelings as you are, too. Sometimes, we’re all damaged and it’s no one’s fault. The eclipse helps you let go of something you’ve been holding onto a long time. The relief is real! 

Leo Weekly Horoscope
You’re burning the candle at both ends, and you may overpromise. The stars suggest you curb commitments, as you may end up disappointing people. The solar eclipse lights up your relationship sector, and you may find a new romance getting serious, fast. Attached? You may be spending a lot more time with your partner than usual. This is a good thing, but it may shift your usual balance so you’re not focused as much on work or school. The point: Don’t make grand plans, and it’s okay to be a bit lopsided. Everything will shift back to normal naturally, but for this week, laying low and not making promises can help you go off in your own little world with your favorite plus one. 

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 
Romance and creativity can be crazy intense this week, Virgo. You may find yourself going without sleep multiple nights in a row. Can you live off passion alone? Well, no … but for the next few days, being fueled by passion is okay. This is a week to let go and turn over a new leaf, and you may find yourself naturally cutting off people and situations that no longer serve you. A drop of empathy goes a long way. You may feel business-like in what you hope to excise from your life, but things don’t need to be all or nothing. For this week, focus more on the positive and trust the negative will come out with the wash. 

Libra Weekly Horoscope 
This is a lovely week, Libra! A solar eclipse in your romantic sector (the day after Valentine’s Day!) could usher in romantic surprises and last-minute invitations. The key is to live in the moment and let go of expectations. If you’re single, prepare a Valentine’s Day you’ll love and court yourself. Attached? Same thing. Any surprises from SO’s are bonuses, but the lesson that the eclipse teaches you is that you are wholly complete within yourself. Anything beyond is icing on the cake. Your social life takes center stage this week, say yes to last minute invites without worrying too much about how these feed into future goals. It’ll all become more clear later. 

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 
The solar eclipse focuses on your home zone, and it may be intense. You may have been avoiding a situation, and now you have no choice but to face it, or you may find that you need to have a serious discussion to get on the same page with a partner or a roommate. As aspects surge in your zone of intellect and spirituality, you also are grappling with the big questions of the universe and may feel a little bit like it’s you against the world. But it’s not. This is a week where you can buoy yourself and your emotions with people, and knowing how many people have your back is a powerful panacea to whatever hurdles you may face.  

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope
Feisty Mars cranks up your courage, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with opportunities. So many things are happening, you may feel scattered and pulled in multiple directions. Lists are your BFFs this week. But it’s also key not to be too tied to your to-do’s and have enough room for spontaneous adventures. The eclipse offers you an open door to walk through. That’s not to say you’re wholly leaving your “old” life behind. Part of trying something new may be to tie up loose ends or confront a situation head on that you’ve avoided in the past. When you’ve got courage on your side, anything is possible.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 
The solar eclipse is in your money zone, and you may find that money is on your mind in all sorts of way. This solar eclipse can offer you a new way to approach money, and it’s a great time to get your financial ducks in a row. This eclipse may also suggest that you’ve held on to your money too tightly. Yes, it’s smart to save, but remember, that money is energy. If you never spend any, or don’t spend any money on yourself or others, that energy will stagnate. How you feel about money is much more important than the number in your bank acocunt. The goal is to feel relaxed and confident in your ability to allow money to flow towards you. 

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 
A solar eclipse in your sign is what you’ve been waiting for! You’ve had an intense few weeks, and you may have felt like people have disappointed you or situations have let you down. Now’s the time to forgive, move on, and realize that’s part of life. It doesn’t make you foolish or naive. You’re ready to love and trust again, and the more you lean in with heart and mind open, the more magic can occur. It’s important to overcome fear this week and take steps toward where you want to go. You will have success if you make the first move. 

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 
You’re in your element this week, Pisces, and may feel almost psychic. You’re getting messages from the universe in all forms, and if you don’t regularly write down your dreams, this is a key week to do so. The solar eclipse in your spiritual sector may resolve some sort of crisis of faith or ongoing battle you’ve been grappling with for years, or even decades. While this may not look “big” on the outside (although it could!) you may feel like a whole new person, seeing life with a whole new perspective. It’s a heady shift. And when the sun enters your sign next weekend, there’s no stopping you. 

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