Your 2022 Valentine’s Day Horoscope Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign on February 14

Your 2022 Valentine's Day Horoscope Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign on February 14

Your 2022 Valentine’s Day Horoscope Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign on February 14


On Valentine’s Day, you should sprinkle rose petals on your freshly made bed. You deserve a creamy bubble bath, chocolate melting on your tongue, and alluring notes that spark your imagination. You deserve the last drop of it, because no matter what anyone says, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and you’re *so* loved. This year, your 2022 Valentine’s Day horoscope takes on shades of pink and gold, so let the romantic color cover you.

If there’s one Valentine’s Day to go all-in on, it’s this one. The Moon will be in creative and dramatic Leo, inspiring your desire to express yourself. Leos are naturally showy, and when a Leo likes something, it wants the world to know. If you’re passionate about someone or something, let Valentine’s Day give you the green light to splurge. Because Valentine’s Day falls on February 16 at 11:56 p.m. ET, exactly two days before the full moon in Leo, you’ll feel some kind of uncanny attraction. As that pull grows, it may just tug at your heartstrings.

On February 14, you may also feel Cupid’s arrow pierce your skin. While this arrow will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you might just as well be overwhelmed by the passion of it all. Venus – the planet of love and affection – will form a conjunction with Mars – the planet of lust and aggression – gradually raising the heat of romance until it starts to set off alarms.

Venus is inherently receptive, while Mars is inherently confident, bringing tension between lovers to irresistible levels. Because this conjunction occurs in strong-willed Capricornus, it will push your desires to a boiling point, to an intensity that is simply irrepressible when you’re trying to find a way to get what you want. If that “want” involves another person, your chances of getting a deal this Valentine’s Day are much better.

Here’s how each zodiac sign keeps up with this complex dance:

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Passion is rising to boiling point this Valentine’s Day, and you live for every moment of it. You thrive on the fire of life and the love that makes it worthwhile. Spend time with people you care about, whether romantic or platonic, because you crave more love.


Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to leave home on Valentine’s Day because you feel a sense of comfort and familiarity. Do something that brings you back to your roots and makes you feel saved. Remember – love isn’t a stomachache, it’s a wholeness that fills you up.


Your heart is light and smart, which is why Valentine’s Day brings out your fairy side. You dazzle people with your wit, but you’re also flexible and don’t get caught. Let free-flowing and flowing love guide you through the holiday of love and all its abundance.


The mere mention of “Valentine’s Day” sounds dramatic, and this year, you’re not in the mood to do anything crazy. Instead, you crave a sense of stability and inner understanding. This year, you focus on the people you know who will no doubt always support you. With that in mind, you already have everything you need.

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Thanks to the full moon in Leo, you’ll enter your life on Valentine’s Day. This full moon reminds you of who you are and how shining you are, so take a moment to honor your strength and your resilience. If you want to show off, don’t resist the temptation because the world wants to know what you’re doing these days.


You’re going beyond all the clichés and high-flying expectations of Valentine’s Day, and you’re creating your own version of the holiday. Do what feels right to you because you are digging into the understanding of unending love. You don’t need cards, candy or flowers to prove anything, especially when there is so much love.


You realize that Valentine’s Day can be shared not only among lovers, but also among friends. In fact, you might even want to host a mini shindig and invite the entire crew to enjoy some heart-shaped excitement. Don’t forget how much you are loved because love comes in many forms and the list is endless.


You’re probably ready to open up about your love life on Valentine’s Day. Although you are a secret lover by nature, and you revel in the private part of your romance, you are in the mood to share your love with the world and let people know about it. There’s no need to keep what’s inside of you private when you’re proud of what it has.


This year, you have an adventurous spirit for Valentine’s Day. You crave another form of romance, and your love of travel and exploration is taking you to beautiful places. Embrace the truths you discover along the way, as they will express what you think of as love in its purest form.


You are looking beyond the superficial aspects of Valentine’s Day this year. However, it also makes you think more about how you love, who you love, and what the nature of your love is. You may want something deeper, but you never know how deep something is unless you keep pushing. It’s all love in the end.


This Valentine’s Day, you’ll get a clear picture of your relationships and where they stand. While there may be mistakes to be made up for, you also discover the core of strength. This core will only get stronger if you’re willing to solve your problems. Let love guide you.


You care less about what you get on Valentine’s Day and more about what you give. In fact, doing something meaningful for your loved one may bring you more joy than they do. By creating love and sending it out, you are reinforcing your belief that love is always infinite and available.

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