You’ll love these wonderful Valentine’s Day 2022 hairstyles for women


You’ll love these wonderful Valentine’s Day 2022 hairstyles for women


Valentine’s Day is extra special, whether your plans include a romantic dinner date or lunch with friends. Whatever they are, your hairstyle needs to match. Want to make sure you don’t easily miss that special day? We got in touch with Dyson’s styling experts to create some simple, effortless yet gorgeous hairstyles to make your Valentine’s Day plans special without having to go to the salon.

1. Classic Beach Knot


Waving for Valentine’s Day

Go wild with some localized beach waves! Whether you want to look effortlessly stylish or give your tresses the illusion of extra volume, you can never go wrong with a classic beach wave. Take some hair from the crown and tie it back while leaving the rest open. You have a chic fix. Make sure not to use too much heat to make these waves too tight! If you want to make the process even easier, use the Dyson Air wrap medium barrel.

2. Sleek and straight


go the fashionable way

Who has ever gone wrong with a sleek straight look? It’s classic, sophisticated and makes you look fit! Who are we kidding; rounded straight hair looks good with anything, so it’s easy to organize even if you want to do a half-part at night. Dyson Corrale beats this classic with half the heat damage.

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3. Blow away boredom


blow out

It’s a special day, so it’s only fair to bring some extra glamour to the table. A salon-like blow-dry is all you need to look and feel sexy. So, whether you’re trying to rock that LBD or planning to kill someone in a power suit, blow-drying your hair is the drama you need, but do you really want to run to the salon and spend a few hours? The Dyson Airwrap Styler makes it easy to create dreamy looks. The round volumizing brush is designed to add volume to your hair without causing too much heat damage. It’s designed to shape and lift your hair for a textured, natural-looking body.

4. Curl Heaven


roll up your heart

Image courtesy of Dyson via Pinterest

Soft curls are fast and beautiful like a waterfall. Bring curl magic to your hair with this easy hairstyle by braiding the front of the hair on the sides, tying two braids firmly at the back and securing with a pretty bobby pin or regular pin. Now softly curl your hair and let it fall quickly below your shoulders. Dyson Airwrap comes with three barrel attachments so you can choose the style that best suits your hair and curl your hair with ease.

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