You can get Valentine’s Day wine specials for last-minute or late celebrations

90 is currently offering "12 bottles of wine that customers love" $69.99 with delivery included with purchase.

You can get Valentine’s Day wine specials for last-minute or late celebrations


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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to open a bottle of wine.

Whether you’re celebrating at the last minute or planning to meet your sweetheart later this month, here are six liquor retailers offering wine specials.

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Busy bees who need Valentine’s Day wines delivered the same day can expect Drizly to bring their favorite selection of wines to their door before dinnertime. Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Tennessee New customers in the state can get $5 off when entering the promotion with code HELLO on carts of $20 or more.

Drizly works with thousands of liquor retailers in 31 states (1,500+ cities), so wine lovers can find their favorite drinks at the last minute. Even better, the liquor delivery e-commerce platform prides itself on getting drinks to customers in less than an hour.

first leaf club

If your lover doesn’t mind waiting a few days for their wine gift, Firstleaf Club is offering a “build your own wine box” Valentine’s Day sale. The Napa-based wine company is allowing online customers to order six bottles of its “award-winning” wine for $29.95 as long as they enter promo code VDAY2022 at checkout.

Alternatively, new customers can use the code VDAY2022 to get $50 off their first box order.

Because Firstleaf is a subscription-based wine club, it asks new customers to select delivery preferences for future six-bottle shipments when placing an order. If you don’t want to refill your wine every one, two or three months, you’ll need to cancel your subscription.

Valentine’s Day “Scratch Card” Craft on TIKTOK Lets You Hide Messages for Your Sweetheart is currently offering "12 bottles of wine that customers love" $69.99 with delivery included with purchase. is currently offering “12 Bottles of Customer Favorite Wines” for $69.99 with delivery included with purchase. (Naked Wine Website)

If you want to maximize your wine purchase and don’t mind if it arrives after Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider this 12-bottle special from The non-subscription-based wine club is currently offering “12 bottles of customer-favorite wines” for $69.99, with delivery included with purchase.

If you want to be more selective about wine, the company is also offering a $100 coupon to those who can answer five out of five questions on its online quiz. Alternatively, the company can choose to claim a $100 voucher in exchange for signing up for an email subscription.

Popular alcohol

Publix Liquors is offering free shipping via Instacart on Monday. The supermarket’s liquor store is also offering modest deals on 750ml bottles, including a $17.69 bottle of La Marca Prosecco (regularly $18.09), a $15.89 bottle of Gold Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (regularly $19.09) ) and a bottle of Chandon Brut sparkling wine for $21.59 (regularly $24.39).

Since both the supermarket and liquor business are partnering with Instacart, customers also have the option to put non-alcoholic products from Publix into their online shopping cart. If you don’t live within Publix’s reach, you can rest easy knowing that Instacart is extending its free pickup or delivery promotion to other partner grocery retailers in the country.

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Stroll + Ivy

Wander + Ivy 是一家<strong>–</strong>Single-service wine company dedicated to promoting "Special offer for Valentine’s Day."”/> </p>
<p>      Wander + Ivy is a<strong>–</strong>The single-serve wine company is promoting a “Valentine’s Day Special”.  (Grace Gatto Photography/Wander + Ivy)</p>
<p>single<strong>–</strong>Service wine company Wander + Ivy is promoting a “Valentine’s Day Special,” offering free shipping and 15% off a multi-pack of 8, which normally retails online for $63.92. </p>
<p>The package includes two bottles of 2019 limited edition Chardonnay and two bottles of 2020 limited edition California Cabernet Sauvignon, two bottles of 2019 limited edition Spanish red wine and two bottles of 2020 limited edition Italian white wine.</p>
<h2>Wink & Co.</h2>
<p>Wine club Winc Inc. has a “new member offer” offering four bottles of wine for $29.95. Customers will sign up via Winc’s short taste quiz and email to customize their wine of choice to their taste. Please note that completing Winc’s New Membership Offer registration will enroll you as a monthly subscription, which will need to be suspended or cancelled if you do not plan to exceed the four bottles Winc offers.</p>
<p>If you don’t mind continuing to subscribe to Winc on a monthly basis, the company has hundreds of wines in stock.</p>
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