Winter alone celebrates Valentine’s Day after Jah Split

Winter alone celebrates Valentine's Day after Jah Split

Winter alone celebrates Valentine’s Day after Jah Split


Winter Everett had a shocking breakup with Jah in The Family Chantel season 3, but she seems to be embracing single life this Valentine’s Day.

Winter Everett splits from her longtime partner Jah family Chantel Season 3, but sister 90 day fiancé Star Chantel Jimeno seems to be doing well on her own this Valentine’s Day. Viewers saw Winter heartbroken on the TLC spinoff, and since then, many Winter fans have wondered if she’s reunited with her controlling old pal. However, Winter confirmed she was single and celebrated on her own after the breakup. family chantel Season 3.

Winter and Jah have been in a tumultuous relationship for more than seven years, even when the 27-year-old was a teenager. Winter helped raise Jah’s daughter and stayed by his side, even when Chantel discovered through PI that he was hiding a son from her.​​​ Karen, the matriarch of the Chantel and Everett families, family chantel In season 3, Winter converts to Jah’s strict Nazarene beliefs and begins following a biblical diet with him, even though she doesn’t fully understand the religion. Winter accepted Jah’s escape room proposal, though she came to her house in tears soon after the couple broke up after Jah discussed polygamy and Winter blasted the idea.

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family chantel Viewers kept wondering if Winter had ever met anyone, or if she had reunited with her controlling old pal. However, Winter confirmed her single status on her Instagram on Valentine’s Day. Winter has been trying to lose weight and create a glamorous image. She shared a photo of herself naked and wearing flowers, while she calmly looked up and closed her eyes. “I choose me. I choose me. I love myself.Happy Valentine’s Day Butterfly Baby 🌸🦋💕🌸🦋💕🌸🦋💕🌸🦋💕,” Winter captioned the photo. Winter credits the professional makeup and styling for the photo as she has followed in Chantel’s footsteps and enjoyed the glamorous look Photo shoots and modelling opportunities. She also labels herself plus size and modelling.

One of the least dramatic and down-to-earth actors family chantel, many viewers are very fond of winter. Her image was immediately praised by her followers, who loved seeing her happy alone. “Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️,” fellow 90 day fiancé Franchise actor Cortney Reardanz wrote. Many fans praised Winter for being on the journey of hugging and loving herself. “This is beautiful on so many levels. I love your evolution. 💕🥂,” wrote one fan. “Yes, love myself. I choose to love myself too,” another fan wrote back. “Bravo beautiful lady, I really enjoyed your journey. Godspeed ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” another supporter wrote.

Winter has one of the most satisfying evolutions family chantel. She started in Chantel’s shadow but has learned to love and embrace herself. While Jah has been described by viewers as being too controlling, Winter seems to have found herself after the breakup. This allows her to embrace a healthy and prosperous lifestyle and try her hand at modelling, fashion and beauty. Winter seems to be the happiest moment she’s ever been, and aside from Jah, she’s thriving, though she discusses how difficult it was to leave the daughter she helped raise. Winter’s fans can catch up with her on Instagram while viewers wait to hear if TLC renews family chantel Season four.

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