Will this be a Valentine’s Day victory?

Will this be a Valentine's Day victory?

Will this be a Valentine’s Day victory?


Monday is Valentine’s Day and you know what that means.it’s all about couples let’s make a deal. Check out a sneak peek of this episode.

Valentine’s Day is all about couples.The new episode must be like this let’s make a deal.

Wayne Brady invites a string of couples to play for thousands of dollars and cars. They were all dressed up, and Monday’s Valentine’s Day episode saw the couple play together.

The couple in the exclusive sneak peek we have to share is absolutely adorable. This duo is like cow and milk, and if they can get on TV and show off their cuteness like that on national television, you’ll know how adorable they are at home.

Let’s Make a Deal Exclusive Clip

The short video gives us a look at the couple’s game. They have a chance to win a car in a game a bit like roulette. They need the ball to land on letters, not numbers and colors.

It’s no surprise that the word they need to make is “car”. Of course, there is a twist.have a look let’s make a deal Sneak Peek:

When they landed on the R, they found they could take home $1,300. They can choose to leave. If they land on R again, they will lose everything.

They decided to play a second time and the result was an A. This added another $1,000 to their pot.

Will they decide to give up? no! They want to risk it for a car. I know a lot of people would be happy to accept the money at this point, but they went for it anyway.

This is where the clip ends. You need to watch this episode to see if they got the car, or they lost everything.

What do you think will happen at the end of the game? If you could take $2,300, what would you do? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

let’s make a deal Airs Monday on CBS. Check your local guide for times.

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