White Castle cancels Valentine’s Day romantic ‘food’

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While White Castle won't be following its Valentine's Day tradition, the brand is planning a special takeaway deal.

White Castle cancels Valentine’s Day romantic ‘food’


Try not to be overwhelmed by this news.

White Castle has made the “difficult decision” to cancel its traditional “inCastle” Valentine’s Day dinner, during which the 101-year-old Belly Bomber burger chain will have its most romantic night of the year.

The brand announced Tuesday that Royal Spruce — which has seen deep-fried fortresses transformed into “a fine dining restaurant with hostess seating, tableside service and festive decorations” since 1991 — was swept up in the wake of growing concerns about COVID-19. withdraw.

“We would have liked to be able to take pre-orders this year, but out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our customers and team members, we have decided that the best way forward is to shift our focus to experiences that our customers can take with them,” said White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson said in a statement.

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However, this year’s love has not completely disappeared. Grease Kingdom is launching a new “Love Cube” takeaway deal for the pair.

While White Castle won't be following its Valentine's Day tradition, the brand is planning a special takeaway deal.While White Castle won’t be following the Valentine’s Day tradition, the brand plans to launch a special takeaway deal. White Castle

The “perfect” offering includes a choice of eight cheese sliders, two small soft drinks, and two shareable sides, all packaged in a pink box for $14.99 ($14.69 in Louisville and Nashville) ,while stocks last.

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“Our cravings let us know they love our team and appreciate the variety we offer, so we responded by creating our first-ever customizable meal for two,” Richardson said.

But that’s not all the Royal restaurateurs have to offer for the upcoming holiday. White Castle also has a Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake for those who really want to go crazy on Valentine’s Day.

Despite canceling annual event, White Castle vows to give customers a Valentine's Day joy "in the castle" Dine.Despite canceling its annual “inCastle” dining, White Castle has vowed to give customers a Valentine’s Day joy. The new cheesecake on the stick (top left) is part of the plan.white castle

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The nascent dessert featured “a delicious strawberry filling and chocolate chip cookie crust” and became the crowning achievement of aristocratic meals, along with fudge-dipped brownies and gooey butter cakes (both in bars).

If you’re grieving the cancellation of “inCastle” and are now planning to stay home on February 14, fear not: White Castle also offers free same-day shipping on all orders over $15 through its partners.

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