Which Countries Celebrate Christmas in July? (And How!)

Which Countries Celebrate Christmas in July? (And How!)

Which Countries Celebrate Christmas in July? (And How!)

Christmas in July, while not an official holiday is slowly becoming the perfect excuse to eat, shop and be merry in many countries across the globe. One of the reasons could be that Christmas in July allows us to celebrate twice in a year, once in each season, allowing the holiday spirit to be experienced in different flavours and feelings!

How did Christmas in July start to be so popular across the nations?

The concept of Christmas in July itself was originally a way for people living in southern hemispheres to make up for missing out on that typical white Christmas we’ve been dreaming of. Celebrating in July gives those living in the southern hemisphere a chance to eat all the hearty Christmas cuisine and wear ugly Christmas sweaters as seen on TV. But it’s not just isolated to the individual with many shops and restaurants offering Christmas in July sales or meals for the season.

With Christmas in July fast approaching, let’s discuss some of the counties that celebrate the holiday!

1. Australia

Australia is the hub of all Christmas in July celebrations, as we long for the cold winter wind experienced by our Northern hemisphere counterparts. It’s not to say that we Aussies don’t enjoy our typical beer and BBQ celebrations, but if you could have it both ways wouldn’t you?.

The main attraction of Christmas in July in Australia is undoubtedly the hearty and delicious food! Starting from the traditional roast with all the fixings and accompanied by the flowing spirits to keep you warm, to finish with the rich Christmas dessert, from Christmas puddings to gingerbread pieces to a hot chocolate (or cocoa) to really get into the spirit.

Besides the food, another part of the celebrations is all the special discounts, offers and incentives in-store that really makes you feel like you’re rushing around in December.

2. UK

July is one of the warmest months in the UK, so this celebration is more of an ironic one, by sharing an ice-cream with Santa. Many nightclubs will run events, acting as a winter wonderland escape from the summer, while stores and restaurants will offer fully decorated shop fronts with sales and special meals to suit the weather, while some places offer a more traditional winter fare, with roast and Christmas pudding.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand much like Australia takes Christmas in July as an opportunity to escape into the snowy mountain ranges and experience the Hallmark Christmas movie. There is usually a range of ticketed functions, festivals and events that also try to capture this feeling.

4. South Africa

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Like the other southern hemisphere countries on this list, it’s winter during July for South Africa. While the celebration of Christmas in July is not as widespread, those who live in cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town will get in on the Christmas cheer, throwing events and parties as a celebratory way of welcoming winter. Many South Africans also visit the Countryside Mountains for snowy Christmas festivals. 

These festivals usually blend traditions, as one small mountain village, Hogsback will combine traditional heritage celebrations with carolling, and Christmas lights. In their gala Christmas dinner, dishes include the beef tongue, turducken, meatballs, turkey are served along with vegan Christmas pudding, hot chocolate and their iconic Gluehwein (mulled wine).

5. USA

Like the UK, Christmas in July is celebrated ironically, being dubbed the Hallmark holiday as the channel will play blocks of Christmas favourites during the month. Home shopping networks will also dedicate programming to Christmas in July specials, where most other retailers will also promote their sales.

As a country from the northern hemisphere, Americans take on Christmas in July is a great excuse to celebrate the summer, with a mix of traditional Christmas cuisine, a barbecue and of course booze! 

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