What Thai Celebrities Want to Receive This Valentine’s Day

What Thai Celebrities Want to Receive This Valentine's Day

What Thai Celebrities Want to Receive This Valentine’s Day


Even the hottest Thai celebrities have expectations for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Flower bouquets, chocolates, love letters and jewelry are all a breeze during the season of love. While some may be ecstatic at the thought of receiving these gifts, others are looking for something different. Thai celebrities are no exception, as ordinary gifts are not always the definition of a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. So, to find out what they really want, we asked five Thai celebrities to express their thoughts on Valentine’s Day 2022. If you’re curious about their answers, read on.

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Prakarn ‘name’ Raiva

The name Prakarn is a family-loving man who only wants love and love from his lover. Just a warm hug from his dear wife and daughter was enough to make his Valentine’s Day meaningful.

Papapin ‘Aom’ Verapuchong

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, good workout clothes and a book are Aom Papapin’s go-to. In addition to all the pampering we’re pretty sure she’ll receive from her special someone, she also used the occasion as a reminder of self-love and self-development.

Punnapa ‘Aom’ Verapuchong

Unlike her older sister, Aom Punnapa has no plans or interest in accepting any romantic gifts. Given the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, the only thing she looks forward to is ordering meals and eating at home with her loved ones.

Dhun ‘Gabjay’ Packpongphanchai

Gabjay Dhun told us she doesn’t take Valentine’s Day seriously – it’s just another normal day. Since many of her clients won’t be available on this special day, this is definitely an opportunity for this lady boss to relax and enjoy her spare time.

Netdaw ‘Mee’ Vattanasimakorn

The founder of whimsical fashion brand Landmeé can’t wait to share and earn the love of her friends and family. A simple gesture or expression of love can fulfill Mee Netdaw’s Valentine’s Day wishes.

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