What is White Day in Korea?The History of Romantic Vacations Explained

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What is White Day in Korea?The History of Romantic Vacations Explained


March 14 is White Day in South Korea, a romantic holiday where men can share their love and affection with the women in their lives.

But what is White Day actually? How is it celebrated? Here’s everything we know about the festival, its name, and its history…

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What is White Day in Korea?

March 14th is White Day in Korea. The festival originated in Japan, and just like in the 1970s, after Valentine’s Day, it has become increasingly popular with girls who want to show their love to boys.

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So the Chocolate Factory started selling white marshmallows to men a month after Valentine’s Day. 90daykorean.com explain:

“It is said that the National Confectionery Industry Association started the tradition of men giving women back in the form of marshmallows on Valentine’s Day.”

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Why is it called White Day?

Since marshmallows are usually white, the day was originally called Marshmallow Day. However, the name was later changed to White Day.

On White Day, men can give women anything, not just marshmallows, and the gifts are usually white. Examples include white candy, white flowers, or a white teddy bear.

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However, as the times move into modern times, men don’t always stick to the white theme, but often give women in their lives a variety of gifts in different colors.

Korea Landscape Network Said: “Boys usually give girls candy (사탕| satang) or a bouquet of flowers on White Day. In the second week of March, all convenience stores and supermarkets sell ready-made snack baskets and large stuffed teddy bears , this day men might want to buy them for their girlfriends too.”

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What else to celebrate on March 14th?

March 14 is also known as Pi Day around the world. Pi is a symbol used in mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

On Pi Day, math lovers recite as many Pi numbers as possible, eat pies, and talk math. While less romantic, this vacation can be fun too!

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