What is a Lumba Rakhi?

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What is a Lumba Rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan may primarily be a festival meant exclusively for a brother and a sister, but the sacred thread also has many other aspects to it. Have you heard of Lumba Rakhi? Let’s talk about it in this article.

Originated from Rajasthan, Lumba Rakhi is now getting popular all over. It’s a Rakhi that sisters don’t tie on the wrist of their brothers. It’s meant for the sister-in-law — brother’s wife (Bhabhi). The Lumba Rakhi looks a bit different from a usual Rakhi in appearance, as it’s supposed to be tied to bangles. The Lumbas can be seen hanging from the bangles of married women.

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The Lumba Rakhi signifies a lot of things in the traditional Indian family setup.

Old timers say the Lumba Rakhi helps bind the family more as a sister tying this Rakhi to the wrist of the sister-in-law signifies a whole-hearted acceptance of the latter into her brother’s life. This helps cement the sister’s relationship with her brother and his wife. Tying Rakhi to the sister-in-law also signifies that the latter will support her husband in his duty to protect his sister, which forms core of the Raksha Bandhan concept.

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The Lumba Rakhis usually come in more vibrant colours, being meant for women. Also, there is a dangling decorative piece attached to the Lumba Rakhi. Generally, it is beautified with Gunghrus, glitters, sequins or sparkling stones. These Rakhis are also available in the form of Hathphools and Panchgali.

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