What College Students Really Want In Care Packages

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What College Students Really Want In Care Packages

What College Students Really Want In Care Packages

There is nothing better than checking your phone and receiving that unexpected text message from your campus mail room, saying you have received a package. Our parents, siblings, and relatives usually try their hardest to put together the best care package, but sometimes stray from what we actually want. Here are 8 things college students really want in care packages:

1. Comfort food

When you’re up until all hours studying or stressing, all any college student wants is their favorite snack.

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2. Healthy food

As much as I love junk food, it gets old after constantly eating it. It’s hard to eat healthy in college and I would much rather bring a granola bar to class than a bag of chips.

3. Tea/hot chocolate

A hot drink before bed is enough to remind you of home!

4. Gift cards

Gift cards keep you from spending money on things you don’t need and give you a reason to treat yourself.

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5. Socks

After doing a couple loads of laundry at college, you will probably have half of the socks you started with. Bonus points if you send your college student fuzzy socks during winter.

6. Cold medicine

Stress and sleep deprivation have a way of impairing your immune system, making most college students get sick.

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7. Fuzzy blanket

Sleeping in a dorm room during a snowstorm is almost equivalent to sleeping outside. Any college student would love another blanket, especially if it smells like home.

8. ChapStick

Because who can actually keep track of their ChapStick until it runs out?

No matter what you send, you really can’t go wrong with a care package.

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