We want to see your kids’ Valentine’s Day artwork!

We want to see your child's Valentine's Day artwork!

We want to see your kids’ Valentine’s Day artwork!


There’s nothing cuter than artwork for little kids, right?

Well well, puppies definitely quarrel, and so do babies giggling. But actually children’s drawing and other forms of “children’s art” rank pretty high – at least on my list (can you say I’m a biased mom?).

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I might have fun getting your kids to draw something to commemorate the holiday. Or if you want, of course they can paint, stamp, create something with little pieces of paper… My kids can’t be the only ones currently working on their cutting skills, can they? (We’re all proud of the fine motor skills involved, but gosh, that creates a lot of confusion).

Instead of including a printout or worksheet below, I recommend having your child create something and see what he or she comes up with. If you look at the photos above, those beautiful artworks are from my 6 year old daughter, yes, bonus points if you find the “ich liebe” reference – we do immersion schools, so our lover is very Naturally in Germany.


OK, I’ll go first. Is your family next? I’d love to see your submissions below – and highlight some of my favorites for the next week or so.

it’s your turn!

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