Valentine’s Day Wine: Some Interesting Advice

Valentine's Day Wine: Some Interesting Advice

Valentine’s Day Wine: Some Interesting Advice


Valentine’s Day 2022. As wine lovers and watchers of the wine industry, focusing on the joy of wine is more important than ever.

When I say “wine joy” I don’t mean systematically deconstructing it by vintage, variety, or tasting notes (unless, of course, that’s your thing). I’m talking more of a fun wine fun – make it feel good to enjoy wine, have fun with it, hold or spin a glass and laugh, let it spark mischievous conversation and compassionate Talk too.

This year, this is what I want for Valentine’s Day.

In that spirit, today’s post offers three interesting suggestions for enjoying the wines I’ve come across recently. One from France, one from the US, and one from Italy, which in itself is a good sign: three traditional wine-producing countries, but wine lovers and advocates of each culture looking for fun, unconventional ways to Communicating around the joys of wine.

I hope they inspire you too.

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From France: Languedoc Wine Card Game

Over the past few years, card games seem to have found new life, from renowned therapist Esther Perel’s Where Should We Start: The Story Game to a 15-card, three-wine set for wine lovers , can stimulate interest in many ways. Player participation, guesswork and dialogue.

Vins du Languedoc created the Languedoc Wine Game with the stated goal of “giving the right character to the right wine and encouraging discussion of the impressions and feelings of each wine”. Players (starting with the “youngest vintage”) take turns drawing a card and, depending on the attributes or trivia printed on the card, place the card on the table in front of the three bottles or bottles of wine they think describe it best.

For me, the philosophy and format of this card game is the starting point for wine lovers to create their own card decks, in keeping with their favorite wine bottles. Imagine as a gift for a loved one or a group of friends: your own wine card game, customized to your preferences, experiences and memories. Let the game begin!

From Italy: Novelty is the name of the game

Eataly, a chain of Italian markets, restaurants and culinary schools, has learned a thing or two about selling wine during the pandemic. Dino Borri, a senior director based in New York, noted this important and interesting lesson: “We always make different proposals,” he says. “Guests are looking for things they didn’t know, things they never had.”

Keep this idea in mind for your sweetheart, whether for today’s special occasion or as a general wine-buying mindset. When it comes to wine, we have a natural sense of knowing what we like, but also have a lot to say about the unexpected and adventurous elements. Italy is especially good at this, as I pointed out in a previous article called “1671 Reasons You’ll Never Be Bored With Italian Wine.”

On retail shelves and restaurants, Italian wines are often well-presented across the United States. Buying online has also exponentially expanded the options. Now, as Borri points out, one can discover and acquire lesser-known wines, whether it’s Pelaverga, Timorasso or Barolo. One bonus: The pandemic has pushed Italian wineries to communicate virtually, meaning they have created videos to showcase their wine stories. “It’s a big step forward for the Italian wine industry,” says Bory, and it makes for a more fun and enjoyable wine experience for all of us.

From America: ‘conscious’ wine, a text message

The Vine Drop, which launched in the US last month, has been trying to make wine fun for consumers (except that consumers don’t need to know exactly how difficult it is to make it happen). Thoughtful, eye-catching packaging. Unique, conscious wines carefully selected. The ability to place an order via text is easier than ordering anything on Amazon, they say.

What I appreciate most are the “technical sheets” that come with wine, because they are not your grandfather’s wine technical sheets. Yes, you will learn about the year, origin and alcohol level. But there’s also an infographic gauge that measures taste by “traditional” or “unique”, as well as sentiment notes for each wine, such as Healther Ash Amarra’s famous quote (“Change is inevitable, but transformation is a conscious choice”). And when you experience wine, a song’s soundtrack comes to mind.

Here are my three tips for giving direction to your wine choices this Valentine’s Day. I hope you can find something for you here too. continue. Play a little with your booze. Please.

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