Valentine’s Day Voucher – The New School Free Press

Valentine's Day Voucher - The New School Free Press

Valentine’s Day Voucher – The New School Free Press


Kate Zibluk made Valentine’s Day gifts for other students, as they advertised in “Sad Valentine?” Posters can be found in the Welcome Center and the Eugene Lang College of Arts and Sciences building on February 14. Zibluk does this in the hope that her homemade crafts will brighten someone’s day this holiday season.Visual Works by Kate Zibruck

This Valentine’s Day, blue flyers with sad bunny faces can be found around the new school campus.

“Is Valentine’s Day sad?” Rabbit muttered, tears streaming from one eye. “same [to be honest]. “

The flyer was printed that morning by Kate Zeblook, a fourth-year theatre student at Eugene Longman. Tear off coupons with phrases like “Wow” and “I want to take a nap” at the bottom of each flyer, encouraging people to grab one to receive homemade Valentine’s Day crafts.

“I’m sad; I’m sure other people are sad, too,” Zibruk said.

So, to spread some love on a repulsive day, she decided to give gifts from strangers. Just tear off a little blue piece of paper and anyone can message them directly on Instagram, and as Zibluk promises, they’ll receive a handcrafted gift the next day on campus .

This isn’t the first time Zibluk has distributed her handicrafts on campus. It started in 2019 – their freshman year – posting dove doodles she made for her friends and classmates.

“I was very shy and introverted when I entered college,” they said. However, being able to distribute what they made to friends and people in her class helped them get out of their comfort zone.

The following year, 2020, Zibluk went even further. Without asking permission from the university, Zibluk and a friend set up a craft booth in Lang’s yard with some of their own supplies and construction paper they bought. Students stop by between classes to make their own Valentine’s Day cards from these materials.

“Slimy eyes are a hit,” Zibruk said with a smile.

With the closure of the new school campus in February 2021, Zibluk cannot continue this tradition.

This year – their final year at the new school – Zibluk is having a hard time finding motivation to make a craft table. But even though they don’t have pink construction paper and have less time and money and more anxiety than their first year, Zibluk feels obligated to continue the annual tradition they’ve started.

She spontaneously showed their love of crafts — especially what they called “terrible” ones — and she printed 25 of these “Valentine’s Sad?” posters on her way to class on Feb. 14. . Despite her hesitation, she still wanted to provide a way for people to connect this holiday season. While only one person has contacted the DM so far, she hopes more will respond as they plan to keep the offer up.

“People are afraid to ask for things,” Zibruk said.

They want students on campus to know that they’ll actually be making something for them, whether it’s heart cutouts, stickers or doodles.

“It doesn’t have to be great,” Zibruk said.

Doing anything brings her joy, and she hopes to pass it on to anyone who will accept it.

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