Valentine’s Day – The Worst Holiday (Any Single) Man Knows – Daily Free Press


Valentine’s Day – The Worst Holiday (Any Single) Man Knows – Daily Free Press


One day of the year, couples parade with heart balloons, grocery store flowers, a variety of chocolates and Walgreens stuffed animals. They’re all saying, “Yeah, we’re in love. Can’t you tell from the heart necklace my boyfriend gave me?”

Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a pessimist when it comes to love, but spending an entire vacation touting your passion and romantic relationship sounds like a scam to me.

Really, Valentine’s Day is a capitalist predatory scheme. Those blinded by dinner reservations and gifts will deny this, but I, the omniscient resident single friend, know the truth.

Smaran Ramidi / DFP Staff

I used to think that Valentine’s Day was just something like Easter or Halloween – before I knew its Christian roots. I just remember candy, colors and cards.

Elementary is where the 14th of February is.

My sister and I would spend a few days handwriting each classmate’s name on each store-bought Valentine’s Day themed Fun Dip or Skittles bag.

At the designated Valentine’s Day distribution time near the end of get out of class, teachers will help distribute our personalized candy.

Somehow, the mass-produced Smarties and Starbursts tasted the sweetness from other kids. For this, I would take candy from strangers.

Skip to today – Valentine’s Day doesn’t have the wholesome glamour it used to be.

Being on social media after 2010 is not good for my Valentine’s Day expectations.

I remember seeing a middle school student’s account on Instagram making these “text posts”β€”a related post designed to make viewers laugh, many of them from Tumblr. They’re all centered around the zodiac, and how they behave on Valentine’s Day or relationships or something like that.

Photos of huge rose bouquets, romantic bubble baths and many designer gifts will pop up on my timeline.

However, Valentine’s Day is never about celebrating love or giving gifts. Instead, it begins with martyrdom.

According to legend, Saint Valentine, the festival’s namesake, was imprisoned for refusing to offer sacrifices to pagan gods. His prayers allegedly cured the jailer’s daughter from blindness while in jail. Before he was executed, he left his daughter a note signed “your lover”.

Slowly, Valentine’s Day began to be associated with writer Geoffrey Chaucer’s medieval love, which continued into Shakespeare’s time. Letters, cards and poems are representative of Valentine’s Day at this time.

By the 1900s, chocolates, flowers and jewelry joined poetry, cards and letters as part of Valentine’s Day gifts.

Despite its Christian origins, Valentine’s Day is now considered an “iconic holiday” because the company has capitalized on its marketability.

Spending on Valentine’s Day is expected to hit $23.9 billion this year, up from $21.8 billion in 2021, according to the National Retail Federation. Most of the company’s survey participants cited the pandemic as a more relevant reason for splurging on Valentine’s Day this year.

Time to stomp my feet and talk about my thoughts on this unnecessary vacation.

I know a lot of people will say it’s the mind that counts, but I’m very dissatisfied with that mentality.

When couples act on this mindset, it fuels even more consumerism β€” the once-a-year purchase of trinkets and disposables we don’t really need.

How many plushies are actually used after Valentine’s Day? Do you really wear that ultra-niche Valentine’s Day bracelet? What about those plastic wrap flowers that get thrown into the corner of the kitchen counter?

Of course, this is just a generalization, but Valentine’s Day does show the current state of our society. The constant flow of items we don’t need encourages us to buy these meaningless items.

If the idea really matters, handwritten letters and hand-drawn cards should make a comeback. For those whose love language is the real gift-giver, meaningful gifts that aren’t just some cheesy Valentine’s Day special should be a priority.

I may be a cynical romantic, but I hate overspending more. I think as long as I don’t see another Russell Stover box of chocolates, I’ll keep couples at peace.

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