Valentine’s Day Quotes for Anyone

Valentine's Day Quotes for Anyone

Valentine’s Day Quotes for Anyone

Valentine’s Day messages to the people for whom you love, care about, or have feelings brings smiles to their faces and a glowing warmth to their hearts. For the lucky ones who receive Valentine’s day quotes from you, they feel special and know that someone cares about them. Creating Happy Valentines day messages for those your love, people you admire, and people you may have a crush on shows how much they mean to you. Accompanied with chocolates, candy hearts, or a proposal ring in a glass of champagne will make them feel extra special.

Valentine’s Day Quotes

  • You know so much about us and you also know that we want to wish you the best Valentine’s Day ever. Unfortunately, they don’t carry any cards that truly capture the essence of who we are Mr. Magnificent and His Goddess

  • Valentine’s Day is just 24 hours, but what I wish for you is a lifetime of love and happiness!

  • Wishing you the biggest, brightest, happiest Valentine’s Day you’ve ever enjoyed!!

  • Hope you have a sweet tooth to go with that sweet you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • May you have a heart full of joy, love, and happiness this Valentine’s Day!

  • Valentine’s Day brings with it love, happiness, and the perfect excuse to eat chocolate like there’s no tomorrow! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • When I think of you, my heart smiles! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Be sure to get a little fun into your day. That’s what makes Valentine’s Day the awesome holiday that it is!! Enjoy!

  • HEY! OK now that you’re listening Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  • Hope that happiness flows throughout your Valentine’s Day!

  • Nobody ever said that the first toad that you kissed would be a prince could take a WHOLE pond full of them until you get your true love Just be careful of warts! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • OK letting you know right now, this might sound a little familiar, but here it goes anyway HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!

  • You can “supercharge” any conversation on Valentine’s Day to give it a seductive kick. Just start each statement with, “Oooo” and lick your lips! It works for EVERYTHING! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You’re always welcome in my heart! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • As far as hearts go yours is enormous and full of wonderful! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Give them something to talk about!! It IS Valentine’s Day!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day To A Terrific Twosome!

  • Hope you have a Valentine’s Day that you can!

  • Hope your Valentine’s Day is flavored with love and joy!

  • I would rather not have to beg you to have a great Valentine’s Day, but I will if I have to!

  • I’m so excited it’s Valentine’s Day Blame it on the caffeine!

  • It doesn’t matter where you go or where you are Love can happen anywhere! Isn’t life wonderful? Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Let’s all celebrate Valentine’s Day! Let it be a day that shines as bright as the sun’s rays!

  • Life is about sharing, loving, and caring. I’m so grateful to have you to experience all of those things with in my life! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • May each hour of your day bring you an abundant joy and may it continue throughout the year! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • May the yumminess of this holiday keep your life as sweet as ever! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • May you have a Valentine’s Day that is steeped in love!

  • May you have the sweetest, most delicious Valentine’s Day ever!

  • May your Valentine’s Day be one loving moment after the next!

  • Nothing beats a real, from the heart, hand-signed Valentine! Here’s yours enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Perfect in every way That’s what I hope your Valentine’s Day is like!

  • Praying the Lord’s blessings upon you this Valentine’s Day!

  • Some people can never be forgotten. You’re definitely one of them!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Straight from the heart A Special Valentine’s Day “Hi”!

  • Super sweet that’s you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • The two of you deserve a Valentine’s Day that’s as perfect as the love and care that you give to others! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Wishing you a day that flows with love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Wishing you comfort, love, and peace on Valentine’s Day and always!

  • You should know that you are highly thought of on Valentine’s Day and always! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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