Valentine’s Day poll: 86% of Americans believe in true love

Valentine's Day poll: 86% of Americans believe in true love

Valentine’s Day poll: 86% of Americans believe in true love


Americans feel good about love, as a new CBS News/YouGov survey finds that most people have experienced love in their lifetime, and if they haven’t, most Americans feel good about their chances .

CBS News/YouGov released the results of a survey that asked about 1,900 Americans in late January a variety of questions about their love lives. The majority of respondents, 86%, said they believed true love existed, while 67% said they had experienced true love themselves.

Those who said they hadn’t experienced true love remained hopeful, with 69 percent saying they just haven’t found true love yet.

Interestingly, the older the respondents were, the more likely they were to experience true love. Among those aged 30 to 44, 65% said they had experienced true love, while 69% of those aged 45 to 64 said they had too. 75% of people over the age of 65 say they have experienced love.

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However, 53% of respondents said that only a few people in their lives have found true love, and 20% said that almost no one has found true love.

Online dating site conducted its annual Singles America study, which revealed what Americans expect from a partner, with 84 percent saying they want someone they can trust and talk to, and who they want to communicate Want and need people.

Notably, in 2021, only 78% of people want someone who looks attractive, compared to 90% in 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t slowing people’s search for love, Stephanie Tong, associate professor of communications at Wayne State University, studies how people initiate, maintain and end romantic relationships through the many digital platforms available.

Tong Discovery Online dating site OkCupid has reported a 700% increase in usage since the pandemic began. Mobile dating app Tinder broke its own record for most card swipe activity in a day, reaching 3 billion swipes.

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