Valentine’s Day Picnic From This Colombian Company

Valentine's Day Picnic From This Colombian Company

Valentine’s Day Picnic From This Colombian Company


Central Missouri residents looking for a special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other have many options, but a new business in Columbia offers a twist on the typical date night experience.

CoMo Picnics offers luxury picnics designed to be just right personalised.

The company, which opened last August, specializes in upscale dining picnics, inspired by the luxury dates of the “Bachelor” reality series.

“We’re a luxury party for everyday celebrations,” says owner Andrea Lyn Seppo.

Customers looking to book a picnic this weekend can choose from bubble tents at Stephens Lake Park and Cosmo-Bethel Park.

Valentine’s Day Picnic Package

Valentine’s Day packages include a two-hour tent rental starting at $225, which includes set up, tear down and free drinks. Customers can choose to buy food – from appetizers to full dinners – for an additional fee.

There is also an option to purchase a 20-minute photography session.

Sepo said, depending on the location and size of the group, arranging a picnic can take more than an hour and a half. It took about half the time to get it all off.

Guests can enjoy a picnic in a comfortable bubble tent, which is heated and lit, while still enjoying a clear view of the surrounding landscape.

“The tents stay so warm that often we find our clients taking their coats off,” Saipo said.

Heart-shaped stakes and twinkling lanterns guide guests along the path to their tents.

Bluetooth speakers can be used to set the mood.

Vendors include Carrie’s Graze, 4 Points Catering, Wishflour Bakery, J’aimie Le Chocolat and Lily Guillen Photography.

Picnic all year round

The company also offers year-round picnics, with designs and settings that vary by season.

Each picnic is two hours long, but picnics outside of holidays are $150 for a couple and $15 per guest for large groups.

Current winter designs include “Modern Winter”, “Winter Warm” and “Blue Snowflake”.

In addition to holiday designs, clients can choose from other iconic designs, or pitch a theme to the CoMo Picnics team, which Seppo says can be achieved with the help of event designer Mercedez Waters.

“She has a great way of matching trends, but going beyond that and making it really special,” Seppo said.

Custom themes include The Great Gatsby, Neon Birthday Party and Secret Garden Tea Party.

“We love surprises a lot,” Saipo said. “If you want to create a surprise, you can trust us.”

Guests can bring their own food and drinks to the picnic if desired.

While this weekend is limited to two specific parks, off-peak picnics can be arranged at other locations upon request.

Seppo said the company recently entered into an agreement to use Magic Tree Park in Cherry Hill as an additional location of choice for future guests.

The Valentine’s Weekend reservation deadline is 48 hours before the start of the session.

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