Valentine’s Day flowers will be more expensive this year

Valentine's Day flowers will be more expensive this year

Valentine’s Day flowers will be more expensive this year


Those who ordered a Valentine’s Day bouquet this year may have noticed it came with a higher price tag — and those who decided to shop in stores at the last minute of today’s holiday season may not find what they were looking for.

This is because florists, like many other retailers, are seeing supply chain issues.

Abigail McNamara, owner of Bagel’s Florals in Albuquerque, clipped the ends of some pink and white flowers ahead of Valentine’s Day. “So, these show up in a lot of our bouquets.”

These bouquets will be a little more expensive this year. “For example, my $30 offer went up to $40. My $100 offer was closer to $120,” she said.

But she said prices for wholesale flowers had risen even more. For some of her staples, McNamara said she’s paying twice as much as before the pandemic.

“My margins are a little bit lower than Valentine’s Day, which I like,” she said. “But I just raised the price, I don’t want to raise it again just for the holidays.”

Broadly speaking, the pandemic is good for the flower industry.

“People seem very motivated to have flowers in their lives,” said Steve Dionne of the trade group CalFlowers.

He said people sending flowers to unseen loved ones and buying flowers for themselves offset the impact of canceled weddings.

“Whether it’s just to beautify their home, they’re going to spend a lot of time in it, or they want them on a Zoom screen.”

Costs such as fertilizer to grow flowers, labor to harvest them, and fuel to ship them across the country or around the world are also rising, Dionne said.

“So the gross margin at the farm level hasn’t changed, but the price has to be higher.”

Other floral supplies like foam and glassware are also in short supply, said Kristal Vincent, owner of Dandelion Flower Shop in Eugene, Oregon.

“We have a specific container that won’t even show up in time for Valentine’s Day,” she said. “So we just had to drop the design we were going to make because we didn’t have the container.”

Vincent has enough flowers to serve last-minute customers, but popular items like red roses may sell out.

“When the dust settles, it’s hard to guarantee what’s going to be left,” she said.

This year, Vincent said, laggards can’t be picky.

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