Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022

Valentine's Day, February 14, 2022

Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022


Couple kissing on the fence, c. 1915 – Cartwright family photo collection, donated by Joanne Barr. (Courtesy of Sanctuary Island Historical Society)
The column was first published in 2019 by the late and beloved journalist-author Richard Lomuscio.

So today is Valentine’s Day. Our culture tells our day to be about love, hearts, cupids, chocolates and other gifts for those we love.

We learned to draw hearts and make cards for our parents and siblings very early in kindergarten. Then as we got older, we wrote letters to members of the opposite sex urging each other to “be my lover.” In Years 7 and 8, it’s all very exciting. As we age and find the love of our lives, this day takes on a special meaning. It’s time to remember the romance that brought us together.

So we marked it with jewelry, flowers, hotel retreats and candlelight dinners in restaurants. We also take the time to send Valentine’s Day wishes to other people we come into contact with in our daily lives.

A few years ago, in this paper, islanders could pull out classified ads to express their love for someone special. I remember it was a page or so, and I remember trying to figure out who wrote the ad.

There is also a grand event in the Legion Hall called the “Cherry Picking Ball”.

It was around Valentine’s Day and George Washington’s birthday. One explanation for the name is that it comes from George cutting down a cherry tree. I just don’t know, but it does provide a midwinter episode in the day of love.

In some circles, Valentine’s Day is a good day for a wedding. But sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. I had a friend who was a bridesmaid at a Valentine’s Day wedding and ended up with a terrible sore throat. She wore off-the-shoulder gowns and waited too long for photographers on the beach.

This year I hope to get handcrafted cards from my grandkids. I keep everything they’ve made over the years. I’ll give them all the flowers – I hope they get there in time.

But what is the origin of this special day?

There are many different versions on the internet, and no hard facts seem to exist. I learned from a source that in 1969, the St. Valentine’s Day holiday was removed from the liturgical calendar.

One of the legends says that Valentine refused to convert to paganism and was executed by the Roman emperor Claudius II. Before his death, he was friendly with the jailer who had a blind daughter. Valentine is said to have regained his sight before he died.

Other stories suggest that Valentine was a Roman priest who secretly married a soldier in love. Soldiers were forbidden to marry because married men could not be good fighters. So it’s all done privately. Valentine wears a cupid-printed ring, which helps soldiers recognize him. It was also said that Valentine distributed paper hearts to remind Christians of their love for God.

Geoffrey Chaucer, the medieval English poet of “Canterbury Tales” fame, is believed to be the first Valentine’s Day card.

A verse in one of his poems says:

“Saint Valentine, the high art,

For your sake, the singen bird is so;

Now welcome summer with tye sunne soft,

This has made the weather excessively shaken this winter. “

This is Middle English, but the point is – spring is here, and it’s easier to think of love at this time. Mind you, I’m not a Chaucer scholar, but I like the whole idea of ​​celebrating love.

That’s why I say, “Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!”

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