Valentine’s Day Dress Code All Colors Meaning [2021]

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Valentine’s Day Dress Code All Colors Meaning [2021]

Valentine’s Day Dress Code All Colors Meaning [2021]

Valentines Day Dress Code 2021

We would have heard about Valentine’s week and we know what to gift on what day. Likewise, we will find more information regarding the dress code to be followed on Valentine’s Day to let your loved ones know what your mind wants to convey. Also, make note of the message that each and every color you wear on that day indicates something.

Let’s check Valentines day Gift Ideas

Let’s find what it is

Dress Color


Blue Color Love Applicants Invited
Green Color I am waiting
Red Color Already in Love, Two side
Black Color Proposal Rejected
White Color Sorry, I am already reserved
Orange Color Going to Propose
Pink Color Proposal accepted
Purple/Grey Color Not interested, Better luck next time
Yellow Color Broke Up
Brown Color Broken Hearts

Now it’s time to jump into the interesting topic of the day! From the above data, we could conclude a major diagram on what means what. However, we will have a detailed discussion regarding each color listed above.

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Blue Color

Are you tired of being single? And eager to find your love or soul mate who could spend the rest of the life with you happily? Then you must choose “Blue”. Blue means you are awaiting your “happily ever after a partner” Indicate by wearing a blue dress that you are single and ready to mingle and anyone who is interested can approach, Wear blue give the clue that you are free to accept the proposal: P

New Valentine’s day Present ideas

Green Color

Green says that you are waiting for your expected love. The wait is the most romantic thing that could ever happen to a person. The waiting phase will be interesting with the eagerness to see his/her face at least once a day and waiting for them to accept your proposal will make your days more memorable with all cute and romantic happenings you will experience with. Wear Green on Valentine’s Day to let your loved one know that you are eagerly waiting for their reply.

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Red Color

All gifts, pictures and anything that is related to Love will be in Red color majorly. This is because Red is a symbol of Romance. Likewise, Wearing Red means that you are already in Love with someone.

Black Color

Black denotes that your proposal has been rejected. If you want our girl/guy to know that you are sad because of their rejection or if you want anyone else to know that your proposal got rejected, choose a black dress on that day. Letting others know about your love status may be to create sympathy or can be a way of letting know that you are free for new proposal 😛 (LOL)

White Color

White dress conveys that you are already reserved so that none reaches you to accept their proposal.

Orange Color

Orange color denotes that you are going to propose your girl/guy on Valentine‘s day.

Pink Color

This cute Pink color cutely expresses your mind that the proposal kept before you were accepted with no conditions 😀 This color would be the “most wanted to see” one on Valentine’s day. Because those who have proposed already but had no reply will be eagerly waiting to see their love come in Pink <3

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Purple/Grey Color

Purple or Grey will signify that you are not interested to accept the proposal. Also, to add on this means that the proposer can have another turn 😉

Yellow Color

If you are broke up with your last love, choose Yellow. So that it will be a sign of “Break Up”.

Brown Color

The brown color is considered to be the saddest color. This is because it denotes that you carry a broken heart. If you have already undergone many sorrows and tears in love, and have a heart that is torn apart, you can wear brown on Valentine’s Day. (Wishing you a good future)

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