Valentine’s Day Date With DJ Cuppy Can Go Beyond Social Media – AsiwajuLerry


Valentine’s Day Date With DJ Cuppy Can Go Beyond Social Media – AsiwajuLerry


post February 13, 2022

Twitter user Lanre Akintomide, who has the handle @_AsiwajuLerry, said he was invited on Valentine’s Day to go on a virtual date with Florence Ottadora (aka DJ Cuppy), disc jockey and billionaire businessman Fermi · Ottola’s daughter, which took me by surprise to him.

Recall that Lanre once tweeted on the DJ with the caption, “I plan to bring Cuppy to the Twitter space on Valentine’s Day to chat with her ‘cupcakes’ and celebrate our two-year relationship anniversary. ”

Three days later, Cuppy replied: “Dear @_AsiwajuLerry, would you like to be my 2022 #Valentine? I know you’re in Ibadan (Nigeria) and I’m in Oxford (UK), but let’s meet on 14th February at Meet on Twitter Space, our first date.”

in an interview Sunday Scoop, Akintomide said the date could eventually overtake social media. He said: “It (accepting the date) surprised me. I really didn’t see that transition into a relationship because it’s always been about social media buzz and she seems to be pretty good at capturing it. However, I’ve always been hers Big fan. Of course, this may not be just a virtual date. She tweeted, “Our first date” which means there’s more to come and I’m ready for it all Prepare. I’m not just obsessed with her; I’m a huge fan of her.”

On whether he wants them to get married, Asiwaju Lerry said: “My reaction to this has always been ‘If the wish is a horse’. Of course, never should say never, but I think the best thing about myself is the fans. Marriage? It’s better than me Think higher.”

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