Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Glasgow 2022

Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Glasgow 2022

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Glasgow 2022


After last year’s restrictions, you really need to come up with a great date!

It’s that time of year again. Big red hearts, roses, chocolates, creepy posts about how much someone loves their significant other… Valentine’s Day last year was pretty bad, but fear not, after years in Glasgow I have some great ones Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your significant other.

Somewhere, I don’t think a lot of people know about it… Found on Ashton Lane it has a lovely, quiet vibe perfect for gazing at your significant other. Ornately decorated, very cute and classy. They make the cutest cocktails and their white Russians will die for it. One of my personal date spots, especially Valentine’s Day.

Hillhead Book Club
Fun fact – as a West End virgin, I thought Hillhead Bookclub was actually a library… oh, I was wrong. £3 mojitos, table tennis and great food make Hillhead Bookclub the go-to place for any date, not just Valentine’s Day.

bank street
If you’re looking for a decent, casual Valentine’s Day, Bank Street is the place to be. Had prosecco for £3.50 and delicious pizza. (I recommend the Buttermilk Chicken Pizza.) However, Bank Street is small, even with upstairs seating, so reservations are essential.

beer bar
Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day. If you and your significant other are new to the dating game, then why not have some fun and laugh all night while surreptitiously judging their jukebox tastes…

In Glasgow we can’t help but mention Paesanos food…if I could have sex with Paesanos pizza my boyfriend would be single in no time. Paesano’s is one of my personal favorite places to go with your significant other. At the end of the day, we are students and Paesanos has a reasonable price range. You can even have a takeaway from your apartment, or at Kelvingrove Park – how romantic!

ubiquitous chips
If you really want to spoil each other then Ubiquitous Chip is the place to go…the food is simply divine and the cocktails are amazing. There’s balcony seating if it’s a good night, but the atmosphere inside is really good. 10/10, top notch Valentine’s Day meal ideas.

Ashoka Shaq
Maybe not the most romantic, but who doesn’t love curry. It’s just around the corner from Ashton Lane, and it’s a prime location for couples who crawl at the Valentine’s pub. There is no better way to start/end a hot curry night.

Kevin Grove Museum and Art Gallery

Want to see some heads hanging from the ceiling this Valentine’s Day, trying to look more cultured? Then the Kelvin Grove Museum and Art Gallery is the place for you! It’s such a lovely building with exhibits for everyone. Going to a museum date might sound boring, but you can make some really lovely core memories and you might learn something new too!

Riverside Museum

Double the date with a trip to Glasgow’s Riverside Museum, followed by a romantic evening along the Clyde. Maybe even a science museum afterwards. Remember, smart is the new sexy!

Gogo Cafe
Cafe Gogo is located on a side street near Cresswell Lane University. This is a hidden gem serving delicious hot chocolate, cakes, soups and nachos. This is a great place to take your significant other for Valentine’s lunch between classes. They offer takeout, so you can even stroll around with the drink and people of your choice on Valentine’s Day after your studies.

Kevin Grove Park
Such a West End to go for a romantic walk and see squirrels and ducks in a pond. Go ahead – be a kid and play the swing too!

mini golf
The first person to score a hole-in-one wins… Mini golf at venues like Foreplay Golf (Kinning Park, 5 minutes walk from the subway station) is a great, fun date idea for Valentine’s Day. Places like Foreplay not only offer golf but also food, snacks and drinks.

TCA Climbing Center
It’s a little risky, but what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than assessing each other’s trust? One rises and the other protects? Or if they were free climbing, you might catch them? Guaranteed to be a really fun (and sobering) date idea if you have something a little different.

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