Valentine’s Day: Caitlin couple recall Pizza Hut romance after 15 years together

Valentine's Day: Caitlin couple recall Pizza Hut romance after 15 years together

Valentine’s Day: Caitlin couple recall Pizza Hut romance after 15 years together


A couple Caitlin is celebrating nine years of marriage this year after their love blossomed at a Pizza Hut branch 15 years ago.

Raven Sprague, 34, was just 17 and still in college when she worked part-time at a Pizza Hut branch on Rockingham Road, Kettering. There, she photographed her now-husband, Keiron Sprague, 38.

She said: “He came in on Friday after work and I just thought he looked good. Me and my friend, we were both at university, and I would point out to her ‘he’s here again’ and I would become Shy and stupid.”

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Raven, 34, and Keiron Sprague, 38, and their children Willow, 6, and Oakley, 1.

Later one evening, after get off work, Raven got a text from an unknown contact saying they had found her number on a pizza box and wanted to know who she was.

It turns out that Raven’s friend — for the role of Cupid — surreptitiously put her phone number on a napkin inside the Chiron’s pizza box.

“I’m ashamed,” Raven said. “We talked that night, we met the next day, and we didn’t waste any time.”

Raven later found out that she had caught his attention on several occasions outside of work, and even though the two had never spoken a word before, when he found the numbers written on the pizza box, he secretly hoped it was her.

Wedding tables are named after ingredients from Pizza Hut.

The next day, Raven invited Keiron to watch TV at her mother’s house and ordered a takeaway. Next weekend, they had their first official date at The Old Friar pub in Twywell, where they enjoyed a roast together. Crow said they were “inseparable” from that moment on.

Six months later, Keiron proposed to Raven on her 19th birthday, and they bought a house together in Rushton the following year. The same friend who stuffed Raven’s phone number into Keiron’s pizza box was asked to speak at their engagement party.

“It’s all up to her because I’m never going to do anything,” Raven said. “We also got a napkin with my phone number on it.”

The couple were engaged for seven years before getting married at the Stanwick Hotel, where they came up with the “cheesy” idea of ​​naming each wedding table after the pizzas on the Pizza Hut menu. The top table where the bride and groom sit is named “The Cabin”.

Raven and Keiron now have two children together: Willow, six, and Oakley, one. This year they are celebrating nine years of marriage and fifteen years together.

this newspaper Ask the happy couple what they like to do together and what they like most about each other.

“We love date nights — going to the cinema, eating out and traveling,” Raven said. “He’s a great dad, he’s always happy, and he takes care of us. He’s just an all-around nice guy.”

“I love that she does spontaneous things and makes things fun,” Keiron said. “She’s an amazing mom and an amazing wife. My best friend and I’m lucky she’s mine.”

When asked about the secret to a long and happy relationship, Raven added: “I think just being honest with each other – always talking about everything, being open to each other.

“Don’t put anything in a bottle, and then when you do, you grow together. When you’re stuck, have fun and play it lightly.”

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