Valentine’s Day 2022: I tried Maldon’s new cocktail bar and it’s perfect for date night – Hope Woolston

beautiful signs

Valentine’s Day 2022: I tried Maldon’s new cocktail bar and it’s perfect for date night – Hope Woolston


With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, many people struggle to plan the perfect date.

Essex has so many great options to impress your significant other.

From meals to movies, romantic walks to more exciting activities – there are many options.

A brand new Essex business set to become a popular date spot is Ginny’s in Maldon.

Ginny’s is a new cocktail bar on the high street.

It has a unique pink theme and an impressive list of drinks.

I wanted to see what it was like, so went to date night:

beautiful signs

beautiful signs

Ginny’s is easy to spot because the pink lighting gives it a glow that really makes it stand out.

As soon as you walk in, you will be amazed by its splendor.

All the “pinks” go well with the jungle theme.

One wall has one of the most amazing wallpapers I’ve ever seen, featuring leopards, parrots, black panthers, and more.

The jungle theme continues with various animal statues around the venue.

cocktail menu

cocktail menu

I also love the neon sign, it makes this bar more Instagram friendly than it is now.

One sign said “Ginny’s” while another said “The Good Times Are Here”.

The bar itself is a feature of the venue, and all cocktails are made fresh in front of you.

Even the bathroom is gorgeous, with the same color scheme as the bar.

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winter mojito

winter mojito

The menu consists of three pages of cocktails divided into three categories: Aperitif, Classic Cocktail and After Dinner.

Every cocktail on the menu sounds great – I’d love to find my way in the menu.

Drinks were pretty much what I expected, between Β£7.50 and Β£9.50.

What really struck me was that all the cocktails can be made non-alcoholic meaning you can still enjoy them even if you don’t drink alcohol.

To get us started, I ordered a “Winter Mojito” and my fiancΓ© ordered a “Golden”.

gold fashion

gold fashion

After waiting for a few minutes, our drinks were brought to us.

They look great.

My mojito comes in a large glass and the golden one comes in a short glass with a giant ice cube with real gold in it.

Mojitos are my favorite so I had to give them a try.

What makes Ginny’s mojito a bit special is that it’s made with dark rum instead of white rum.

It works great and I can totally understand why it’s a “winter” mojito since it’s warmer.

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

It might sound weird, but I also like to use ice.

It’s the proper amount of crushed ice that gives the cocktail the “muddy” texture I like.

The ice in Gold Fashioned is crystal clear and makes the cocktail look very luxurious.

Both drinks were very enjoyable.


The story of two sisters

The story of two sisters

Once our glasses were empty, we ordered two more cocktails.

My other half chose his favorite espresso martini.

While Pina Colada was really calling my name, I wanted to try something different.

The last cocktail on the menu, A Tale of Two Sisters, intrigued me – white chocolate and vanilla vodka with strawberry liqueur, milk, cream and fresh strawberries.

We were again impressed when our drinks arrived.

Even the bathroom is beautiful

Even the bathroom is beautiful

The espresso martini has a classic look with the addition of coffee beans to the foam.

The glasses are also frozen, keeping drinks completely chilled.

My cocktails were beautiful too, served in gorgeous champagne saucer glasses with a pink sugar rim.

It tastes divine – like a drunken strawberry milkshake.

This cocktail is so indulgent and so delicious.

When I return, I will no doubt order this again.

general impression



Throughout our time at Ginny’s, we’ve had amazing service.

Every staff member was friendly and attentive – what more could you ask for?

The bar itself is absolutely stunning and great for taking pictures, especially on Instagram.

Of course, when visiting a cocktail bar, it’s the drinks that count.



At Ginny’s, you won’t be disappointed.

There are so many options and everyone we tried was incredible.

The only downside is how far Ginny is from my house.

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