Valentine’s Day 2022: How to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationship

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Valentine’s Day 2022: How to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationship


Valentine’s Day 2022: While sexual attraction and physical intimacy are an important part of a relationship, and a marriage would fall apart without it, emotional intimacy is just as important.

Often underestimated, it takes more time to develop, especially in an arranged marriage where the partners are still trying to get to know each other. Sometimes, due to a lack of communication or some misunderstanding, a relationship between a once-emotionally close partner may disappear.

spend time with each other

Partners looking to develop emotional intimacy, especially newlyweds, must spend a lot of time together. They should also communicate and learn more about each other.

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“Spending more time with each other is one of the ways couples develop emotional intimacy. Not having a partner in a relationship can cause a person to feel unloved, uncared for and lead to feelings of loneliness,” says psychotherapist Dr. Vihan Sanyal. Founder of Mind Factory.

Communication is the key

Sometimes partners who once felt emotionally connected are no longer connected due to a lack of communication or a grudge against each other.

“One of the best ways to increase emotional intimacy is through intimate communication. Make sure you communicate verbally with your partner. Even if that leads to a fight. Communication is the backbone of intimacy. Couples need to learn to communicate in ways that respect and understand each other. A mutually supportive attitude. Open, honest and transparent communication is one of the key elements of a happy relationship,” said Dr. Sanyal.

Couples who are happy together are also the couples best at taking care of themselves.  (Pexels)
Couples who are happy together are also the couples best at taking care of themselves. (Pexels)

strive to build trust

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It may take some time to build, but it turns out to be the glue that holds the two of you together. When it comes to building trust, experts say, the process should not be accelerated and taken slowly.

Mental health coach Aamish Dhingra recommends helping your partner and letting them vent when they are distressed. Being a good listener to them will make them realize how much you value them.

“Trust is not that big of a deal if we can validate individuals and be their go-to person in the many situations they encounter every day. Also, there is no such shortcut or bingo formula to gain anyone’s trust, it It is the process that does take time and should not be accelerated,” Dhingra said.

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Be sincere and express your emotions

“Expressing genuine gratitude for a partner’s minimal contributions helps build a strong relationship. Couples often don’t thank their partner or express gratitude for their partner. A lack of gratitude in a relationship can make a person feel like they Taken for granted. Relationships. It’s always good to be appreciated for people’s efforts in a relationship,” said Dr. Sanyal.

“Sincereness never goes out of style, it means you should be genuinely showing unfiltered raw expressions and emotions with your partner. This will help your partner feel at home too, it will strengthen your emotional intimacy and Connect with individuals over a period of time,” Dhingra said.

say i love you’

Verbally say you love your partner. This is often an unspoken need of people; they need to hear that their partner loves them. Buying expensive gifts and taking your partner on vacation won’t make up for the lack of the word “I love you.”

“Say ‘I love you’ to your partner as often as possible and say it with all your heart. Verbal expressions of love bring couples closer emotionally,” says Dr. Sanyal.

Every relationship has its moments of pain, but that doesn't mean there's no love.  (Unsplash)
Every relationship has its moments of pain, but that doesn’t mean there’s no love. (no splash)

make them feel special

If you want to spark an existing relationship, do something you wouldn’t normally do. The intention to make them feel special should be sincere and something you know they like.

“Help at home, cook, take your partner out to dinner, do whatever you can to make your partner’s life easier. Remember you do it because you love and care for them. Do it selflessly. Don’t wait until your birthday Buy each other gifts only for special occasions like , anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Shop for thoughtful gifts at random. It shows you care,” says the expert.

don’t judge

One of the reasons people become emotionally distant is when they judge each other without trying to understand them.

“Try to listen with empathy. Listening is a powerful communication and healing tool. When people feel heard and heard, it creates a feeling of being nurtured and cared for. This is what builds between couples One of the best ways to have emotional intimacy,” Dr. Sanyal said.

give them space

“Give each other space and respect their needs. No relationship should feel imprisoned and suffocated. Sometimes couples can become overly controlling and possessive, which can lead to conflict and negatively impact the relationship. Know your partner is a different person and may have different needs than yours. Give them the space they may need and try not to be in control,” says mental health experts.

set goals together

Set individual and collective goals each year and encourage each other to achieve them. Goals provide direction and a clear path in life. It helps a person to fully grow and experience life.

Dr. Sanyal concluded, “Couples who help each other achieve their goals in life help each other grow together. This in turn helps strengthen the relationship and increase emotional intimacy.”

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