Valentine’s Day 2022 horoscope by zodiac sign, zodiac sign

Valentine's Day 2022 horoscope by zodiac sign, zodiac sign

Valentine’s Day 2022 horoscope by zodiac sign, zodiac sign


happy Valentine’s day! If you enter this romantic vacation, you will fall in love with what the universe has in store for you. The legendary cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, are now in the sky next to each other. This is bound to bring all kinds of flirting, dating, and even long-term commitments—not just on Valentine’s Day, but for the next few months!

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Hearst House


To make things even more romantic, even a little exaggerated, the Moon moves into gorgeous Leo on February 14. Big shows of love are the norm when Ms Luna is in this bold sign. We communicate from the heart and are unapologetic about expressing our true feelings.

Leo is one of the most fascinating constellations, so it’s only natural that we love giving and receiving gifts in classic Hollywood style in this astronomical weather! Since the Leo Moon will also send shining beams to Chiron, the healing comet, wounds associated with old love can even heal. Open your heart and let the universe take care of the rest.

Read your Valentine’s horoscope:


Get ready for a happy hour, Aries! Even if you’re busy at work, you’re ready to celebrate. If you get carried away, plan a dazzling date with your darling. If you’re single and looking, this is an excellent time to let yourself out, thanks to the Moon activating your romance sector.


Taurus, things look hot in the bedroom, and this is the perfect time to be inside. Candlelight dinners and sexy cosplay might be fun tonight. If you’re single, invite your friends over for a night with a glass of rosĂ©.


Conversation may be your focal point today – that’s how you like it, Gemini! However, be aware that some of these can be serious, especially if you’ve been with your baby for a while. If you are single, you may suddenly have the urge to merge with someone on a soul level. So many things to consider!


This may be a day to remember, dear Cancer. With cosmic lovers activating your seventh house of partnerships, a relationship can take it to the next level. If solo flying is your MO, that might change. Alternatively, you can form a lucrative business partnership. Anyway, it’s a win-win for you!


You’re super busy, but don’t miss today’s celebration – no matter what your relationship status is. With the Moon in your sign, you will definitely be in your senses. Free advice: If an ex texts out of the blue, remember why they’re an ex. It might be better to save yourself some Valentine’s Day drama!


Virgo, the atmosphere tonight is incredible for you. If you’re single, it’s the night you go out and play. If it’s taken, why not repeat your first date? Kiss with cosmic lovers Venus and Mars in your romance sector, and most importantly you enjoy yourself and have fun!


For you, home is where the heart is, and the cosmic atmosphere of the moment tells you to stay home. It looks like you’ve been working hard to make your space look gorgeous, so take this opportunity to show off your high-end design style – whether you’re here for a drink with your sweetheart or one of your buddies!


Scorpio, you’re in the limelight this Valentine’s Day, and it’s a great time to have a fun evening! Bring your bestie or best friend and book a sumptuous dinner at the trendiest place in town. Although you’re usually more private, tonight’s Moon Lion wants to see you roar! You crave attention and conversation.


Expand your horizons, Sagittarius. The Leo Moon asks you to do something unusual. Communication and storytelling are highlighted for you today, so surprise your partner or friend on a trip to remember as you share the details of some epic trips!


Lucky for you, Capricorn. Hosting cosmic lovers in your zodiac sign indicates the possibility of new commitments—or at least the fact that you’re getting some serious attention from potential prospects. Whatever you decide to do tonight, go ahead and enjoy the glory by celebrating how far you’ve come!


You are not a trendsetter, but fate is calling your name, Aquarius. The Sun, currently in your sign, is connected to the node of destiny today. Destined and karmic events are bound to happen, so pay attention to the people and relationships that come to you during this time—they can be very meaningful.


Romance comes when you connect with like-minded people. If you are looking for love, you can introduce it in the stars. If you’re taken away, you and your baby are the ideal relationship everyone aspires to have. Show them how it’s done, dear Pisces!

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