Valentine’s Day 2022: Celebrities Celebrate Love

Valentine's Day 2022: Celebrities Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day 2022: Celebrities Celebrate Love


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Houses full of roses, fancy dinners and painful engagement rings are just some of the ways celebrities show off how much they love their significant other all year round.But today is Valentine’s Day, the day is all about pink and red accents, and working harder than every couple on your social media feeds. Of course, it’s a reminder to celebrate the love of your life and the memories you’ve created together. But doesn’t it feel good to see that your vacation is better than someone else’s?Whether it’s a trip to see a movie marry me Or a cozy night to watch Love is blind, there’s something special about doing something special on a romantic getaway, even during a pandemic. While Valentine’s Day is on a Monday, celebrities have lost no time to show us how much they are in love (and how much they love Instagram!) except for those who break up (though they still love Instagram!)

His and her vanity brand.

J-Lo shares the love for V-Day with her newsletter (???), and a video edited by Ben Affleck to celebrate Bennifers 1.0 and 2.0. Ben and Jen’s 2002-2004 relationship moments were edited into Lopez’s latest single, “On My Way.” Lopez said she usually only shares videos with her inner circle, but it’s too sweet not to. “Watching it reminds me of the journey of true love, with its unexpected twists and turns, and when it’s real, it can literally go on forever,” Lopez wrote. “It seriously melted my heart.”

Travis Barker surprises Kourtney Kardashian by wrapping a million roses around statues of Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Ye immediately went from breaking up with Julia Fox to giving Kim a truck bed full of roses.

Kelly Ripa is comfy on the lip sofa with her husband Marc Consuelos’ big screen Lives with Kelly and Ryan.

David Beckham has shared a sweet photo of his wife Victoria and their daughter Harper.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell celebrate their 39th Valentine’s Day together.

sound Judges and rednecks Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani celebrate their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

Chelsea Peretti shares her sleepy airplane photo with husband Jordan Peele, who just released a trailer for his new movie No.

Britney celebrates her biggest supporter by posting a video of her fiancΓ© riding an electric bike on Valentine’s Day.

Julia Roberts discovered Instagram filters for her husband Danny Moder’s Valentine’s Day post.

Julia Fox announced on Valentine’s Day that her whirlwind affair with Kanye West is over. “My God, what do you think I am, 12?!”

a source told people The day before Valentine’s Day, they were gone.

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