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Valentine’s Day 2021, or the Valentine’s Day Adventure, is the third adventure of 2021.

This event is nearly identical to the Valentine’s Day 2021, Valentine’s Day 2021, Valentine’s Day 2021 and Valentine’s Day 2021 events.

This adventure focused on nuzzling one’s “soulmate” using the Kiss Event Emote.png nuzzle emote found under the Emote plus-icon.png icon. Soulmates in this adventure must not be confused with actual soulmates in the game. Note: This adventure comes around every 25 minutes.

During the adventure vanilla maps are decorated. A new vanilla map, map 10, was added and removed when the event ended.

This event introduced the following elements to Transformice’s story:

This Valentine’s Day Adventure revealed plenty about how Valentine’s Day functions on Transformice. It was revealed that there are also evil deities in Transformice, ones who did not originate from Elisah’s magic. The only example so far is a cruel God that condemned mice to spending the rest of their lives as halves of what they were originally meant to be. These halves did not necessarily have to be the same gender.

This was illustrated in one type of ancient folklore where mice used to be beings with four arms, four legs, and two heads. Because of the evil God’s actions, mice seek their lost halves in daily life, in the form of map soulmates and marriage soulmates. Regarding folklore, mice have been carrying on these stories for a very long time. This proves that the mice in Transformice’s hold universally constant beliefs and stories because they all follow the same and only religion, as proved by Zou in this post.

The adventure map features lots of architectural stability. This can be seen by the heart board at the top left of the map. It is held up by rose thorns in a way that ensures that it stays static. On the right of the map are rows of thorns that also have a static hold. The garden of roses also has a Ferris wheel right by the sunset lake. Each seat is held on to the wheel by small links, and can rock without going loose. If one is to apply physics to the factor, however, the ride may go berserk. The base of the Ferris wheel is tied with what seems to be rubber bands. This reinforces the theory of proportions in Transformice, where mice are usually relatively the size they’d be in the real world. This is most notable in the New Year’s 2021 map.

The seats of the Ferris wheel may hold two mice side by side if both stand on it properly. The seats themselves are mulberry and have a light pink heart decoration in the middle. The wood used to form the wheel and the support is a grape color. The swan on the map is artificial and is used as a small boat but the design is stunningly precise and aesthetically pleasing to fit into the Valentine’s Day theme, even if not expected from mice. The swan can fit multiple mice, but not side by side.

Players spawned in 3 different parts of the map: the left (right under the heart board), the middle (below the Ferris wheel), and the right (the garden of thorns).

The grounds of the event map contained some sort of friction, for the most part. The map also had various peaks and not very many flat grounds that made finding a spot to nuzzle one’s soulmate somewhat limited. This was the only challenging part of the map, since death was not possible unless hectic physics is a factor.

Crane.png Bug

Valentine's Day 2021 Stuck.png

Due to the friction of the garden of thorns, players may get stuck on gaps like these, preventing them from completing the adventure. To escape, mice need to throw a consumable, like a snowball.

An example of a soulmate’s name being unknown.

The objective of the adventure map was for players to try and discover who their soulmate was and nuzzle them. Upon nuzzling one’s soulmate, players will earn a Inventory item #2236 heart.

Players were able to find their soulmates either through guessing, which worked best in small rooms, or by kissing mice to find out a random letter of their soulmate’s name. This appeared at top left of one’s screen, and functioned like a game of hangman. If a player’s soulmate died due being idle, another soulmate’s name would replace the old one if compatible.

If there was an uneven amount of mice, then one mouse would be two players’ soulmate. This one mouse would have to nuzzle both of the players.

Crane.png BugPlayers can get themselves as their own soulmate, preventing them from completing the event map. (Source.)
Crane.png BugWhen the soulmate of a player leaves the room, it might not change and thus, make it impossible for them to acieve the goal.

Event Specific
Image Name Limit
Inventory item #2236 Heart 70

The rose ear item (Ear item #57) was planned to be a reward but was put into the shop instead.[2]

Adventure Calendar[edit | edit source]

Shop[edit | edit source]

This event offers the following chests:

  • Consumable #2473 a global chest;
  • Consumable #2491 an event-specific chest.

Both reward one random shop item, title, badge, or cartouche. The global one—from any event. The event-specific one—from any Valentine’s Day event.

See here for a list of all rewards from the event-specific chest.

New Daily quests[edit | edit source]

ID Quest Reward
23 Kiss your Valentine’s day soulmate on the event map # times Cheese #
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Hand item #21 Rose[note 2] Hands 1100 144
  1. Previously cost 3Inventory item #2236
  2. It was not put as a collector item because there were not enough hand items. A fur (Fur #58) was changed to be a collector item instead.[3]

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