Valentine’s “Break Up Box” Gift Boxes Are the Perfect Way to Mend a Broken Heart

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Valentine’s “Break Up Box” Gift Boxes Are the Perfect Way to Mend a Broken Heart


Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means it’s time for a relationship. However, this can also be a time for heartbreak.

That’s right, Valentine’s Day isn’t always chocolate and roses. Ever heard of Red Tuesday? Urban Dictionary boils it down to “The Tuesday before Valentine’s Day, your significant other is most likely to break up with you before the holidays.” With enough heartache for those who got dumped before Valentine’s Day, one company wants to cheer up.

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Ferry-Morse has released its first ever “Breakup Gift Box,” perfect for a loveless Valentine’s Day. According to a Business Wire release, the box comes with seeds and accessories “needed to grow beautiful flowers that will outlast most romances.”

The break-up box contains seven heart-healing themed Ferry-Morse flower seed packs, such as the Bachelor Button, Forget Me Not and Love Lies Bleed, and the Jiffy Seed Starter Greenhouse Kit for successfully starting plants indoors. The heartbreaking box also includes three stickers saying “leave me alone” and “move on”, as well as a journal to document the gardening process or just vent some emotional frustration.

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“We thought our ‘breakup gift box’ could ignite a new passion for love – gardening. As with every relationship, gardening has its ups and downs, but every step in Ferry-Morse is there when you have one that grows with a few seeds When it comes to creating a beautiful garden, nothing romance is more important than the joy and satisfaction it brings.” Rebecca Sears, Ferry-Morse’s Chief Gardener.

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As Business Wire puts it, “Love stinks, and flowers always smell good.”

The limited-edition break-up flower box is available at for $39.99 while supplies last.

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