Two-ingredient cocktail cherries are the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift

Two-ingredient cocktail cherries are the perfect last-minute Valentine's Day gift

Two-ingredient cocktail cherries are the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift


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I’m terrible on Valentine’s Day. Or, maybe, I’m good at it. My boyfriend and I would receive gifts from each other if the right gift came along – this usually took the form of an old-fashioned pornographic poster – but neither of us forced the issue. Sometimes we do pasta. Sometimes we cook lobster tails sous-vide. We almost always watch horror movies and almost never go out.

However, I don’t think Valentine’s Day is just for couples. My partner isn’t a big fan of eating out, but that’s okay – I have a lot of friends who do. This year, I will be enjoying my first tasting menu in over two years with friends on February 14th. I’m going to bring a gift for that friend, probably some homemade cocktail cherries.

Cocktail cherries are the cherries in cocktails, but they can come in many forms: intense red maraschino cherries (the kind you see on sundaes), deep, dark Luxardo cherries, and cherries that are themselves wine-infused. All is well, but the easiest DIY cherries are the last iteration: fruit soaked in alcohol.

You can soak cherries in strong spirits, but they need a little sugar, which makes the liqueur a better choice. Liqueurs are pre-sweetened, pre-flavored and, in some cases, pre-bittered. All you have to do is pour your liqueur of choice over some cherries and let them sit in the fridge overnight. complete.

It’s obviously not cherry season, but that’s ok because you can buy a bag of frozen cherries (sweet ones). Once you have the cherries, you need to choose a liqueur. Cherry liqueur was an obvious choice and, unsurprisingly, worked well. Black cherries are my personal favorite; it’s not too sweet and has some nice almond flavor. (I didn’t like that, so I used a local liqueur like Kirsch. That was fine too.) If you want more balanced cherries, opt for something herbal and bitter, like Campari, Amaro Nonino or Bigalett China-China.

Once you’ve gathered your fruit and liqueur, pour the cherries into a jar and pour the liqueur on top. Close the jar, give it a gentle shake, and let it sit at room temperature until the cherries are thawed. Leave the jar in the refrigerator overnight to allow the wine to infuse the cherries (cherry infused wine). Put a bow on the jar and give it to someone lovely.

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