Try These Celebrity-Inspired Ways to Red Lips This Valentine’s Day

Try These Celebrity-Inspired Ways to Red Lips This Valentine's Day

Try These Celebrity-Inspired Ways to Red Lips This Valentine’s Day


Red lipstick is a classic that will always be a timeless favorite of every beauty lover. Valentine’s Day and red lips are a can’t-miss combo, and for good reason. That’s just another reason to decorate with this flamboyance. Trends come and go, but red lips are a perpetual mainstay and never fail to impress, so why not crank up our glamour as we gear up for date night? We bring you the best celebrity-inspired red lip ways to make a chic statement.

Celebrity-Inspired Ways to Wear Red Lips This Valentine’s Day

Dare to go or go home

Speaking of stunning red lips, how could we miss Aishwarya Rai’s signature red lip look? Such a gorgeous Aishwarya Rai always makes a statement with her red lip look. Whether it’s shimmering bold eyes or subtle nude shades, the actress loves opting for red lips. Opting for brighter, bolder shades of red, the actress is all the inspiration we need to kill this red lip.

with a touch of glamour

Like Nora Fatehi, we want to kill our glamour quotient anytime. The actress opted for a darker shade of red, and her perfectly glamorous face looked absolutely diva. She opted for a standout look that complemented her outfit nicely. If you like to add shine, this look with a darker red hue is perfect for your date night.

a soft tone

If in doubt about how to create the perfect red lip look, look no further before opting for chic pastel shades to undo your date night look. Just like Janhvi Kapoor, all we needed was a soft red hue to get our look right. It is best to use this for a balanced and neutral look.

classic red

A classic red lip color in a monochromatic style is the perfect combination for a date night. We love how actress Kriti Sanon donned an all-red makeup look and finished it off with an elegant and versatile red lip look.

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