True Friend, Or Fake?

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True Friend, Or Fake?

True Friend, Or Fake?

apkbert (45404)


my friendd ish aolive> hoepurple> #slay #baddie #wapnavy>

Shrutiii (79962)

10 days ago

I got 70% and above ❤️✨

Avery (13621)

10 days ago

Let’s find out who my true friend is!

Hi! It’s me Nida
Let’s see your my fake or true friends

Siphumelele (78013)

20 days ago

Well I don’t have a friend any more tysm🥲🥲😞😔🥲

Harriet (09305)

23 days ago

My friend be trade me with my bully but we are friends again but she can’t understand me the way she used to

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Nobody (86872)

27 days ago

Thanks for the information 🤧😩😩😔🙂👍👍

Snigdha (56038)

32 days ago

It says I have a true friend

none of ur business (35750)

33 days ago

they suspect my friend is a fake friend.I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!

70% I thouht of more! We have been bffs for around 5 years!

……… (92762)

42 days ago

40% 😭✋
Fake friend

I got 60% and my bff is just a friend now? I won’t accept this

Um so, this is very weird and doesn’t really give you many options, some of the options are also very odd, like the one question: does your friend say I love you. The options were odd because my friends don’t say because we don’t need to, also excluding the boys in that question was weird because men do say ‘I love you’ to each other, and the fact that one option was: no, that’s gross! Was not a very good option.

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👮Detector (47835)

53 days ago

Why are they fighting with themselves? Do they have multiple personality disorder or are just plain lacking common sense. It’s obvious they have the sane ID number ;-; F in the chat for themundefinedblue>

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Everyone has a different id

Bruh she is making it up see it has the same number on the ID number she is just faking it and making it seem like her friend came on

Hanna (57195)

57 days ago

Bc i did the same with my bff

Hanna (57195)

57 days ago

U guys dont fight u gius will regret it

Hanna (57195)

57 days ago

Wow u guys are fighting why?

Nice Girl (85117)

57 days ago


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