Top 25 Hilarious Christmas Memes to Lift Your Holiday Spirit

funny christmas memes

Top 25 Hilarious Christmas Memes to Lift Your Holiday Spirit

Christmas memes never fail to lighten up the holiday season. After October brought about Halloween memes that gave us a hauntingly good time, the spotlight is now shining on holiday memes that capture both the fun and relatable aspects of Christmas.

Bring in the Christmas cheer with these merry memes that will make your holiday even more special:


Funny Christmas Memes

Everywhere I Go, I Hear Her Song

funny christmas memes
Posted by u/basketbug12 on Reddit

Christmas songs never fail to dominate music stations and radio plays during the yuletide season. In fact, holiday tunes typically start to tower over other genres and songs right after Halloween. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” is just one of the numerous Christmas tunes that people hear incessantly during the holidays. In turn, some eventually find it annoying and repetitive. However, there are still many people who feel pumped up as Christmas draws near—making them even more excited to hear songs about all things merry.

However you’re feeling towards holiday jingles and Christmas songs, one thing is for certain—they are definitely here to stay. This funny Christmas meme perfectly depicts the experience that everyone similarly goes through wherever they go during the holidays.


Can’t Hear Nothing

hilarious christmas memes
Posted by u/JulieDM223 on Reddit

After Thanksgiving memes took the internet by storm, some people simply can’t wait for Christmas. In turn, they won’t hold back from sharing funny Christmas pictures and playing traditional holiday songs. This cat table meme captures the feeling of those who wish to enjoy Thanksgiving first, while someone they know just can’t shake off the holiday cheer until December comes. Of course, this is understandable because there are so many activities to look forward to during the yuletide season. Not to mention, Christmas food recipes never fail to make our tummies and hearts happy.


Ho Ho Hold Up with the Expenses!

christmas memes
Posted byu/MrT_R_ on Reddit

All year-round, expenses and bills just continue to come and pile up. People also tend to buy costly yet much-wanted items now and then. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself! However, this reality could hit you hard especially when there are so many holiday sales around and you have little to no budget for the season.

This no money meme could be a funny and truly relatable one. Indeed, it can make you reflect on all the things you purchased this year that could have left you with more money to spend for Christmas. Moreover, getting in the mood of the holiday could also be quite difficult without some budget to spend on gifts. Trying out various tips on how to save money effectively can help you with these problems. Still, keep in mind that money isn’t everything. Having a simple celebration with the people you love will always remain most important and truly priceless.


Then vs. Now

Posted by u/Urkylurker on Reddit

Without a doubt, Christmas is a happy and bright season. While it fosters love and cultivates kindness in people’s hearts, other aspects make the holiday even more special. For one, exchanging gifts is a thrilling and enjoyable experience that many people look forward to on Christmas. As a child, receiving gifts makes the yuletide season even more memorable. 

While this is true, many people would agree that the number of presents they obtain during the holidays tends to decrease as they grow older. This funny Christmas meme depicts this common experience. Aside from the number of presents, being preoccupied with work and other important matters could also give little time for Christmas preparations. Indeed, merely having a Christmas tree car air freshener can be considered as more than enough holiday decor for the busy folks.


Rude Christmas Jokes

Leave It On 

rude christmas memes
Posted by u/onetwothreefouryeah on Reddit

Sometimes, crazy memes in the form of dark humor can get super hilarious. This is most especially true if the sweet, pure spirit of Christmas is given an unexpected twist. This funny picture exhibits Christmas humor in a jokingly wicked way. Indeed, expecting a child to express innocence and care can blow you away when the joke suddenly hits you. 

Keep Your Christmas Cool

Posted by u/D24-69 on Reddit

What’s a list of the best Christmas memes without at least one Grinch meme? Without a doubt, the holiday season brings such utmost joy and delight to people of all ages. From receiving cool presents to whipping up the best Christmas dinner ideas, the yuletide season is a gift itself that keeps on giving. However, some aspects of the holiday can truly get on our nerves. While our Christmas-related predicaments can be stressful, turning them into goofy memes can immediately improve our mood.

This funny picture in particular goes to show pet owners’ experiences when it comes to their furry best friends’ destruction of Christmas decor. Of course, this is understandable because putting up decorations is no easy feat. Nevertheless, may the spirit of Christmas keep you cool and merry despite the stress (and mess) the holiday brings.


Agree to Disagree

Posted by u/mmuller199 on Reddit

Whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas film remains to be one of the never-ending debate topics among movie watchers since its release in 1988. This is one of the funny Christmas memes that reflect the reality of movie marathons during the yuletide season. Indeed, this iconic meme format perfectly conveys how people, especially families, argue about Die Hard’s place amongst holiday films. 

Although Die Hard does not highlight the holiday spirit, one cannot deny that its Christmas soundtrack is a bop. Notably, it is also one of the best movies on Netflix that stars remarkable actors such as Bruce Willis and Bonnie Bedelia, as well as Alan Rickman from the Harry Potter cast.


Merry Christmas Memes

Now That’s Punny

merry christmas memes
Posted by u/jenitlz on Reddit

Don’t we just love puns? This Merry Christmas meme is just one example of the seemingly endless list of witty and rib-tickling jokes on the internet. Indeed, the “For Lease Navidad” pun could make you laugh and even have it stuck in your head. Notably, this could also count as a good marketing strategy. More than the spacious space and four car parks, this ad’s witty sign could easily capture customers’ attention all year round.


Drake Format…But Make it Christmas

Posted byu/watersheepyeet on Reddit

Iconic meme formats come in all sorts and types. The Drake meme is one of the most popular formats for humorous memes that people posted and enjoyed online. While funny meme formats are already hilarious, merging them with some of the funniest Christmas movies, such as Home Alone, can turn them special. So, why not greet a friend or family member this yuletide season with this witty picture? For sure, this simple gesture could make their Christmas funny and even more memorable.


Funny Christmas Ornaments and Decor

Merry Chris-mas, Indeed

funnry christmas ornaments
Posted byu/JamilliousThePaws on Reddit

This Christmas tree meme might appear corny at first, but its pun grows on you. Many online posts featured funny memes about men, particularly celebrities, who were similarly named Chris. Indeed, even this Christmas meme was not safe from this unceasing meme subject.

This funny picture depicts a Christmas tree filled with pictures of celebrities with the same first names. These include Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Hardwick, and more. Aside from its hilarity, this witty picture could even give you an idea of how to decorate your Christmas tree in a unique yet fun way this holiday season.


Michael Scott is Relatable

Crossposted byu/[deleted] on Reddit

Let’s face it, Christmas tree decorations can affect us so much. There is an indescribable glee in seeing a well-organized and adorned tree in the middle of your living space. Similarly, seeing ornaments decked in a messy and unattractive way could have you sporting Michael Scott’s face in an iconic The Office scene.

Many parents and adults could relate to this funny Christmas meme. Seeing kids enjoy putting decors on the Christmas tree can be fun, but it can also be quite stressful. At least you can fix the clumps of ornaments while they’re asleep, right? Now, that’s a merry and jolly thought to have.


By Golly, Is It Christmas Time Already?

Posted by u/RatedR2O on Reddit

As holiday tunes start dominating radio plays and yuletide memes begin to take over the internet, many people simply can’t wait to get into the holiday spirit. In many countries, people put up Christmas decorations as early as November. This Christmas meme captured the feeling of people who get called out for hanging Christmas lights or setting up their tree way before the yuletide season arrives. Well, there’s nothing wrong with getting festive and having a few ornaments here and there, right?


Truth Be Told

Posted by u/NetherLander19 on Reddit

As quickly as people put up holiday decorations inside their homes, many of them also similarly take a long time before removing their adornments after Christmas. Some even go as far as keeping their halls decked all year-round. One can’t deny that holiday ornaments and Christmas trees make for a festive feel around the house. Not to mention, keeping them up could be more convenient. Doing so means no more rummaging through the storage room and taking hours to decorate. With this, funny holiday quotes such as this one could definitely make people relate and laugh for hours on end.


Cute Memes for Christmas 

Best Gift for the Best Dog

Posted by u/tweetsbyrocket on Reddit

Animals never fail to make us smile and laugh. To have you feeling warm inside during the cold Christmas season, this adorable Christmas meme features a dog’s innocent and sweet nature. Indeed, a ball is enough to keep our furry best friends happy. If you have a friend who loves or takes care of a dog, why not send this meme to them this Christmas? This will surely tug at their heartstrings and make their smiles even wider.


I Swear, I’m Asleep!

Posted by u/here-for-the-footy on Reddit

Star Wars fans typically have different opinions on topics circling the franchise. However, they could undoubtedly agree on one thing—The Child or Baby Yoda is one of the most adorable characters from the Star Wars universe. Indeed, everyone who watched The Mandalorian series on Disney Plus witnessed the cuteness of this alien infant. There are even others whose fondness led them to create hilarious memes featuring this endearing character.

For one, this Baby Yoda Christmas meme is one of the funniest and most delightful posts on the internet. Many people could truly relate to the experience of pretending to sleep while anticipating Santa Claus’ visit.


Smart Cat Deserves Holiday Present

Crossposted by u/newyearnewcakeday on Reddit

This Christmas cat meme is both hilarious and cute. Indeed, it is amazing how cats can look adorable while also possessing wits about them. It’s also great to know that the sleepy feline appears to find the wrapped cat bed comfortable enough to sleep in. We hope that this cat loved its Christmas present as much as we enjoyed this adorable picture. 


Family Memes for Christmas

Silly Me!

Posted byu/Skilldo_McDilldo on Reddit

Admit it or not, dad jokes might make your eyes roll but they also make you laugh out loud on the inside. This funny Christmas meme in the iconic Jim Carrey format features yet another pun to tickle your funny bone. Sending this to your old man could be a great way to say Merry Christmas and subtly hint that you appreciate all his corny jokes throughout the years.


‘Tis The Season to be Petty

family christmas memes
Posted by u/Mjags23 on Reddit

Family members tend to have a knack for having the most impractical Christmas gift ideas. These include giving yet another Christmas sweater that you can only wear during the holidays. If not, some would try to give silly presents just to annoy the Christmas out of you. If you have recently learned that your sibling will have a kid soon, you might find this holiday meme hilarious. Christmas may be the season for kindness but a little payback in the form of an oversized stuffed toy could never hurt anyone, either.


Are You Kidding Me?

Posted by u/Kkoelly on Reddit

It seems that this meme format never goes out of style. Indeed, this Christmas party meme is very much hilarious and truly relatable as well. Family Christmas celebrations always include exchange gifts. With this, maybe you could relate to experiencing the predicament presented in this meme at least once. This holiday season, try to jokingly poke fun at someone you know who does this. Sharing a laugh with them by sending this funny Christmas meme could make this experience a funny and even a memorable one.


Holiday Memes

Too Many

Posted by u/Mad_Maximum04 on Reddit

A relatable Christmas shopping meme will always be enough to have anyone laughing out loud and screaming, “This is so me!” Without a doubt, the Christmas season never fails to bring us happiness and laughter as we make festive memories with our loved ones each year. However, the holidays can also be quite stressful. Christmas entails busier malls and crowded stores as people rush for their last-minute Christmas shopping and preparations. Moreover, items also deplete more easily due to high demand.

True enough, a lot of people can relate to this funny Christmas meme. Inspired by Limbo, one of the best PS4 games available now, this picture entails the dread of going to shopping establishments during the holidays. We just hope, for your sake, that you are prepared to take on the crowded places. Moreover, keep in mind to be ready for possible instances where you might need to fight over the last bottle of shampoo when you shop.


Christmas Score

Posted by u/morrisphingle on Reddit

This holiday meme perfectly captured the underrated happiness that people acquire from spending Christmas alone. Indeed, celebrating the yuletide season can get quite stressful. There is so much to be done and socializing could get tiring as well. Sometimes, having pretty Christmas lights while you indulge in a simple yet delicious fried chicken meal is more than enough to make you happy. If you opt for a quiet Christmas Eve alone, there is always tomorrow for taking part in spreading holiday cheer with friends and family.


Dirty Christmas Memes and Adult Memes

Kinky Cane

dirty christmas memes
Posted by u/onetwothreefouryeah on Reddit

While all hearts come home during the yuletide season, others find comfort in funny Christmas videos and memes. Such witty content puts a smile on people’s faces and makes them laugh out loud. In particular, dirty memes can tickle anyone’s funny bone all year round.

This funny adult meme can have you laughing for hours on end. The next time you have a candy cane treat for Christmas, we hope that this meme pops up in your head. Indeed, it can instantly make you giggle and improve your mood even in the subtlest way.


Be Good For Goodness’ Sake

adult christmas memes
Posted by u/mikeoboston on Reddit

Comedy memes come in a wide range of varieties that cater to people’s specific preferences and personal humor. In particular, naughty Christmas memes could bring laughter to people who enjoy explicit and unexpected puns. For one, this secret Santa meme can split your sides due to its twist that comes out of the blue. This is also a great reminder to stay nice and keep the naughtiness at a minimum and preferably, inside the bedroom.


Funny Santa Memes

Have Yourself A Very Shocking Christmas

Posted by u/TO_Old on Reddit

Many would agree that Spider-Man films will always have a special place in our hearts. Indeed, it comprised a lot of our childhood memories—both happy and unexpected ones. While we are on the topic of unexpected recollections, one of the most memorable experiences for a kid during Christmas usually includes Santa Claus. Indeed, the magical feeling of learning you were nice enough to receive a special gift makes the holidays even more enchanting.

As unforgettable as such experiences are, learning about the truth behind Santa Claus’ false existence as a kid is also equally memorable for many adults. Some common examples include finding out by seeing your parents sneak a gift ‘from Santa Claus’ under the tree or seeing your dad’s Santa beard prop detach from his face. Indeed, this Santa Claus meme may be hilarious but it is also quite relatable as well.


Now That’s A Christmas Miracle

christmas meme
Posted by u/[deleted] on Reddit

Sometimes, what seems to be funny Christmas wishes could turn into the most adorable and wholesome memories. This endearing picture of a dog meeting his favorite person can warm up even the heart of the Grinch himself. While the delightful pooch is already adorable to look at, seeing his wide smile makes this Christmas meme even more wonderful. Like this charming dog, we hope your wishes will be granted this holiday season or in the future days to come.


Final Thoughts

Whether you wish to learn new Christmas trivia facts or indulge in hilarious Christmas memes, you can always find a way to make your yuletide celebration even more special. We hope that this list of Christmas memes gave you a few good laughs, especially since the holidays can be quite busy and stressful. This yuletide season, we hope that you were able to pass on joy with your loved ones both near and far—even just by the simple yet heartfelt form of funny memes.

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