Tips for Planning a Jack and Jill Bridal Shower

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Tips for Planning a Jack and Jill Bridal Shower

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Celebrations for upcoming nuptials is an age-old tradition, typically involving an all-girls bridal shower. However, as men have become more involved with the events surrounding the wedding, it has become proper etiquette to include the men and throw a couples wedding shower.

Since a co-ed bridal shower is not as formal as a regular bridal shower, anyone can attend – friends, family or co-workers. A traditional bridal shower is hosted by a relative, but a his and hers wedding shower is usually hosted by a friend.

Invitations for a Couples Bridal Shower

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When deciding on the perfect invitations for a co-ed bridal shower, remember this is a casual event and typically the invites aren’t elaborate — make them fun and creative. If there is a theme to the party remember to include it within the invite and have the invite reflect the theme. If the shower is beach themed you could send a message in the bottle invite, or an inflatable beach ball with the information written on the ball.

Jack and Jill Bridal Shower Themes


Gives guests the opportunity to bring liquor or wine to stock the bar, or bar accessories for the couple who likes to entertain. Bottles may be wrapped in a paper bag and nice bow or ribbon.
Lets guests bring gifts that are associated with travel or relate to the destination the couple will be traveling to on their honeymoon. An experience gift for the newly married couple at their honeymoon destination would make a great gift.
Great for couples who have a pool, beach house, or that just love the water. Guests can bring gifts associated with the beach, pool, or boating.
Lets guests help the new couple give modern touches to their home entertainment systems.
This type of party is also good for co-ed showers and focuses on lawn, garden and outdoor entertainment items for the couple.
This will let guests bring gifts associated with home improvement, kitchen gadgets, and the garden so the bride can add to her “honey-do list”. Gifts for a honey-do shower might include cookware or small kitchen appliances for whichever one is the whiz in the kitchen, cleaning tools for the one who’ll keep their home spic-and-span, tools and hardware items for the inspiring handyman or handywoman, and garden tools for the green thumb. As the gifts are presented to the couple, have some fun by questioning them about who will be responsible for each of the household chores.
Guests can bring gifts for the home gym, or sporting equipment, this is great for health-conscience couples.
Perfect shower theme for tennis enthusiasts! The guest list should include friends and family that share tennis in common with the couple. A round robin provides the entertainment and the tennis theme suggests tennis related gifts for the sporting couple.
  • Naughty and Nice Lingerie Shower
Great for couples that do not embarrass easily. Guests can bring a “naughty” gifts like sexy lingerie, intimate products or books, or a “nice” gift such as robes, massage oil, or pajamas.
Great for the bookworm couple. Guests can bring gifts that are for a home library, or with reading like unique bookmarks, desk lamps, or books by favorite authors or marriage related books.

Food and Drink

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As with any party, keep the guests list in mind. When planning a co-ed bridal shower, you’ll want to plan food and beverages that appeal to both sexes. The backyard barbecue menu is usually a good choice for all, or for a lighter menu finger-foods and cocktails/beer. You can take some tips from tailgaters to help organize your party.

For the host/hostess with a busy schedule, throwing the party at the couples favorite restaurant will eliminate having to worry about planning a menu.

A cute shower favor or party supply is a monogrammed cookie favor with the couple’s initials on each cookie, packaged back-to-back.

Co-Ed Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Planning a few shower games is a great way to start conversations. The games are meant to be fun and a way share memories about the bride and groom-to-be.

Remember, this is their party, not yours. Even though it is a non-traditional bridal shower, sit down with future couple and find out what they are looking for in a party. Plan your games and activities to suit the guests. Stay away games or activities that might be considered offensive if you will have a mixed crowd, especially if children or the couple’s parents will be attending.

Opening the Gifts

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When the time comes to open gifts at the co-ed bridal shower, make sure that the couple does this together, and make it fun. If there’s a large number of guests at the shower, that typically means there’s a large number of gifts to open, which can take a long time.

Make the gift opening session fun break the opening session up, open a few before you have dinner or snacks, then open a few before you have cake.

To have even more fun, make a game out of the gift opening session. Grab a kitchen timer and set it for 10 minutes then the couple begins opening their gifts. When the timer rings, the guest whose gift the couple is holding gets a prize.

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