This week’s student-High Plains freshman sends warm gifts on Valentine’s Day | DayDayNews

This week's student-High Plains freshman sends warm gifts on Valentine's Day | DayDayNews

This week’s student-High Plains freshman sends warm gifts on Valentine’s Day | DayDayNews


POlk – In celebration of Valentine’s Day and Kindness Month, High Plains Community School freshman Sammy Ertzner is busy handing out thank you notes and roses to High Plains staff and teachers.

Ertzner is eager to be inspired by her little act of kindness in the High Plains school auditorium.

She is the daughter of Brandy Tyler and Daniel Ertzner.

She is a member of the One Act Club and enjoys getting involved in anything involving art or writing.

Ertzner’s peers and family members describe Ertzner as optimistic, brave, kind and protective of those she loves.

Sue Wilgocki, an educator at High Plain, said: “Sammy is a peacemaker. This young lady is always pleasant, helpful, kind and compassionate. Last week, when she delivered roses for Valentine’s Day, She has had an impact on many of our teachers. What’s more, Sammy wrote a nice note to each teacher telling us how much she appreciated us, the great qualities she saw in us, and how we encouraged her. “

Outside of school, Ertzner enjoys spending time with friends and family, caring for her pets and painting abstract art.

Ertzner said: “I come from an artistically gifted family. Some of my paintings have been shown in the gallery bar on Grand Isle.”

Ertzner says her motivation is to do good for the world through her art. She dreams of becoming a psychologist one day.

“One of the things I’m most proud of is my ability to connect with people. I’m a very open person and I have a way of listening and understanding others.”

Ertzner isn’t focused on what’s coming, but she’s focused on the here and now, being a good friend and student that others can look up to.

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