This Valentine’s Day, lovebirds choose to rent locally

A bedroom in a Catskill farmhouse.

This Valentine’s Day, lovebirds choose to rent locally


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to spend time with your loved one than on a romantic date that doesn’t involve connecting to an E-train, TSA, or canceled flights?

New Yorkers received the memo, according to Airbnb research. They found that more people than ever were opting for second homes and short-term rentals close to home.

Haven Thorn, a spokesman for Airbnb, said: “We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people staying within 200 miles or less – which is basically a tank of gas – and locals are rediscovering all the novelties and novelties within their radius. Romantic things.” There are also curated romantic experiences, such as couples photoshoots at Minnewska State Park (above).

To help you get a house near your decidedly unromantic studio apartment on the hottest winter day of the year, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest love nests on the market right now.

Luxury Farmhouse in the Catskills, New York

A bedroom in a Catskill farmhouse.Hay rolls at this Catskills farmhouse cost between $1,338 and $2,602 per night.Mark Mahaney

If “gently cascading waterfalls” sent romantic shudders down your spine, and if the words “built-in wood-fired pizza oven” warmed your heart, then this restaurant in Eldred Katzky, NY The Luxurious Farmhouse in Illinois is sure to help you ignite it.

The five-bedroom, three-bathroom home (above) has huge floor-to-ceiling windows that look out into the secluded pine forest.

Other features include the master suite with plush king bed, open beams with fireplace, bathroom with 1700’s hand-carved Italian marble basin and balcony overlooking the babbling stream.

The Valiant Valentine’s Farmhouse sells for between $1,338 and $2,602 a night.

Zen Xcape Lake House, New Jersey

Side by side lake house interior and lake exterior. This North Jersey hilltop lake view villa features a hot tub and plenty of space. Airbnb

What better Valentine’s Day holiday than with a hot tub set in an all-glass room overlooking the lake?

Zen Xcape is a private resort in northern New Jersey that bills itself as having “the rustic charm of a contemporary American lake lodge, the simple elegance of an Asian-inspired spa, and the chic style of a New York City loft.”

The three-bedroom home features panoramic water views, a five-burner stove, and a sunroom with a hot tub. The house is situated on the hills of Vavayanda with stunning views.

This lakeside love nest costs an average of $299 a night.

Connecticut Water Forest Resort

The appearance of the water forest octagon. This Water Forest Octagon is definitely not a UFC variety. Airbnb

Love is like water, endless.

If indulging in nature, the Water Forest Retreat (right) in Norwich, Connecticut, is a great option. Cozy and cosy in the “Octagon”, an adult yurt with nothing but a bed and a cozy electric fireplace.

Who needs a TV or Wi-Fi when you can gaze into each other’s eyes and a driftwood chandelier with “fairy” lights, seashells and crystals on the ceiling? The only problem is that the bathroom is in the form of an outhouse. So, if nature calls, get ready to meet the cold darkness of the unknown wilderness. The opportunity to get your partner’s undivided attention costs $120 per night.

Goofy tree house, Connecticut

Relive the fantasies of adolescence in this coming-of-age treehouse at Bluebird Farms in Wellington, Connecticut.

This 40-acre farm and animal sanctuary is set on two floors above ground and tickled by maple and oak trees, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom treehouse will win you over with its rustic-chic charm. Sit comfortably on a fire pit or memory foam mattress.

Cooking may be impossible, the kitchenette is small and there is not much leg room, but it is possible to enjoy the expansive grounds including the gazebo, country store and farm animals. Be aware that no matter how much body heat you and your loved one summon, it may not cover the winter cold. Owners warn that water pipes are prone to freezing and that heat cannot be guaranteed.

Treehouses start at $129 per night.

Absence makes the heart more lovely

If escaping New York — and the tri-state area — is the number one priority, but international flights let you down, here are two domestic options on another sexy side of the country.

love is like a rock, california

The interior of Joshua Tree Manor. This desert ranch will at least give you a big night.a residential degree

Rock-solid exteriors and soft, intimate interiors—that’s what this mid-century California desert ranch has to offer. If you’re willing to take a flight from the East, or if you live in the West, this unique and essentially romantic getaway is worth considering.

In addition to stunning views of Joshua Tree Forest, this luxurious two-bedroom, three-bathroom home features a hot tub, bar and vintage vinyl to help set the mood. To stay warm on cold desert nights, if your love isn’t warm enough, enjoy the hotel’s elegant, upright Malm fireplace.

A boulder residence will cost you $1,074 to $1,650 per night.

Amber Wheat Field, Montana

Exterior view of the Montana property.These modern chic silos sell for $1,475. One Stay Degree

If having sex or harvesting grain from the deepest depths of a Midwestern agricultural silo fulfills a lifelong fantasy, this home is one. Even if cylindrical chunks of metal don’t immediately spark a romantic getaway, these recycled metal silos in the Montana skies are a unique luxury getaway you won’t soon forget.

The “rustic and modern” style makes you feel like camping in Big Sky Country, but with all the luxury accommodation you’ve come to expect. The silo features “camping chic” interiors, exposed beams, mid-century furniture and a loft king bedroom with premium cotton linens.

The chance to live like a sexy farmer will set you back more than a wave of cereal, starting at $1,475 a night.

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