This Valentine’s Day, Find Your Heart Dog – American Humane

This Valentine's Day, Find Your Heart Dog - American Humane

This Valentine’s Day, Find Your Heart Dog – American Humane



Savannah Young / February 14, 2022

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romance and love. However, we animal lovers also use the holiday to celebrate the strong bond between humans and animals, and our love for our furry best friend. Some people are even lucky enough to find their heart dog, and so can you.

What is a heart dog, you ask? Over the past decade, the term “heart dog” has become more common, referring to the incredible canine species that occurs once in a lifetime (or several times if you’re lucky!) , it totally owns your heart. Just like soulmates, one might say that the heart dog provides companionship and love that no other creature can. They are part of your emotional being. You have evolved each other, shaping who you are and who you become. They are not only your best friend, but a part of you.

Amber Batteiger from the American Humane Rescue team discovered her heart dog in April 2014 while volunteering at an animal shelter in South Florida. She found Reeba curled up in her kennel, trembling and haggard, covered in cigarette burns and scars. Veterinarians say she lost many of her teeth because she was so hungry that she started eating stones in a desperate attempt to survive. She is heartworm positive, scared and completely heartbroken. The day Reeba is scheduled to be euthanized due to her illness, Amber makes the unexpected decision to adopt her, and that’s where their story begins. Although Reeba had a rough start, she trusted Amber with all her heart.

“She has helped raise countless foster kittens over the past six years, has shown indomitable patience with annoying foster puppies, and has never left my side through life’s ups and downs and darkest moments “Nothing touches the deepest depths of my soul like her silent and gentle presence.”

– Amber B.

You can also find your Heart Dog, Heart Cat or Heart Rabbit! At this moment, millions of animals are sitting alone in animal shelters, abandoned and heartbroken. This Valentine’s Day, adopt an animal in need, mend a heart, and save a life. You may find your best friend and forever soulmate.

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