This sparkling wine subscription is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

This sparkling wine subscription is the perfect Valentine's Day gift

This sparkling wine subscription is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift


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Ah, Valentine’s Day: a sweet pink, Cupid-approved day that celebrates love and romance with a great bottle of sparkling wine. Or, if romance isn’t your thing, you can always celebrate Galentin Day (February 13th, if you didn’t know) and toast your friends – when the wine comes in mini bottles, with lovely When it comes to packaging, you get bonus points. At least that’s how my roommate and I felt when The Sip sent me a free sample of their celebration box.

Wine and champagne are often the first things you think of when you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts (and flowers and chocolates, of course), but what if you want to introduce your people to a whole new type of trendy sparkling wine? That’s where The Sip comes in. The brand’s co-founders Erica Davis and Catherine Carter have created a subscription service that lets you sample a selection of sparkling wine boxes at affordable prices. You can sign up for monthly deliveries or buy individual gift boxes and full-size bottles. So you can understand my excitement when I know what’s in the mail.

Buy: Sip Celebration Box, $51 at

I was greeted by a box containing a card explaining the story behind the brand, two small bottles of sparkling wine, and a glass shooter. For the 21-year-old I didn’t know about the Barefoot White Moscato until that day, it was a major upgrade.

The first bottle to separate is Chandon RosĂ©: a perfectly sparkling rosĂ© wine with notes of strawberry, watermelon and cherries that add a touch of sweetness to the drier drink. It is a blend of 73% Chardonnay, 26% Pinot Noir and 1% Pinot Meunier grape varieties. Essentially I’m not a big fan of rosĂ© just because I don’t like red wine or blending with it (I obviously have some maturation work to do), but my roommate loves a glass of Cabernet or Merlot and is hooked on this bottle. How can you not be captivated by a bottle of sparkling rosĂ© on Valentine’s Day? Pink drinks are more important now than ever.

I uncorked my next bottle and found my favorite wine: Bottega Gold. As someone who loves white wine, this is the clear winner in my celebratory box for me. This delicious Prosecco is imported from northern Italy in the most luxurious golden bottle – a gorgeous gift if you ask me. This sparkling wine isn’t so sweet that it’s overwhelming, but it’s also not so dry that college students (aka me) hate it. With flavors of apple, pear and spice, each bite has a sickening and irresistible fullness.

My roommates and I use the funnel-like sip shooter on the Celebration Box, which is designed for sipping champagne. To use it, you pour a bit of wine into the shooter to create your “shot”, then sip wine from the spout on the other end. If you’ve heard of beer sticks, this is basically her much more mature older sister.

For just $51, you can gift your very own box of two separate bottles to the special someone in your life, a customizable variety with complementary sippers—a gift that keeps on giving. The Sip puts luxury wine at your fingertips, introducing you to your new favourite flavours before you splurge. The best part of your purchase is the brand’s initiative, Take a Sip, Take a Sip, which pledges to help women and children in need access clean water through the East Oakland Community Project (EOCP). So you’re not only giving a thoughtful gift, but one that will make a positive impact.

I’m in love with The Sip’s Celebration Box and superb wine selection, and I’m planning to buy a full bottle of the sub-pack I received. Davis and Carter are trailblazers in the wine industry, and The Sip is definitely a company to follow. Buy a bottle or a well-chosen box, or sign up for a monthly subscription – if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s sure to stand out like Cupid’s bow, the Celebration Box is for you.

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