This Canadian City Will Celebrate Valentine’s Day on March 14, Know Why

This Canadian City Will Celebrate Valentine's Day on March 14, Know Why

This Canadian City Will Celebrate Valentine’s Day on March 14, Know Why


After witnessing nearly three weeks of freedom protests led by truckers and people taking to the streets to express dissatisfaction with the COVID-19 mandate, Canada’s capital, Ottawa, has now decided to lighten the mood. Ottawa city councillors have reportedly approved a motion to celebrate Valentine’s Day on March 14 after the protests ended. City Councilman Mathieu Fleury announced the move on his Twitter feed on February 23. “Reworked for Valentine’s Day in Ottawa on March 14, 2022,” Fleury wrote in the caption of the post. He further shared a note with a picture and thanked the city council. “Thank you to the City Council for supporting Councilman Keith Egli and my motion,” he added.

In a note shared by Fleury, he emphasized that “Ottawa is recovering from the recent downtown occupation that took over our city center for three weeks.” The councillor added that the protests have affected Ottawa businesses as shops during the protesters’ occupation forced to close.

Fleury further claimed that the protests also took a toll on the mental health of Ottawa residents, who witnessed people taking to the streets and truckers blocking roads. Fleury elucidates the need to inject positivity into the surrounding environment, writing that Valentine’s Day “is an opportunity to meet loved ones, enjoy winter activities and support local businesses.”

He even highlighted how protests have overshadowed this Valentine’s Day, with downtown businesses bearing the brunt of the protests as they recover from the pandemic-induced lockdown.

The city of Ottawa will be redoing Valentine’s Day on March 14, Fleury wrote in closing his note. “Our heart-shaped city needs a little love,” he added. At the same time, he also said the City of Ottawa’s communications and economic development staff will work with other authorities to promote shopping, dining and accommodation in downtown Ottawa to help businesses recover.

The move was welcomed by most, as Twitter users praised and thanked the lawmaker in the comments section. “Thank you all for taking the advice of District 9 residents to heart,” wrote City Councilman Keith Egli. While another user dropped the heart emoji and wrote, “This is awesome!”

How do you feel about celebrating Valentine’s Day again on March 14th?

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