These Toronto restaurants offer multi-course takeaway meals, bagel brunches and deli bouquets

Toronto's Best Takeaway Guide Updates

These Toronto restaurants offer multi-course takeaway meals, bagel brunches and deli bouquets


Valentine’s Day: These Toronto restaurants offer multi-course takeout, bagel brunch and deli bouquets

Toronto's Best Takeaway Guide Updates

There are several ways to cope with the second Valentine’s Day of the pandemic: sprinkle rose petals, buy sweet treats for your people (prove yes, you still love them even on countless isolated days); host one with your besties Protest the holiday; sullenly over a glass (or bottle) of wine alone; or ignore it entirely. Whether you choose to celebrate (or not), we recommend you make the most of these limited-time menus, designed for takeout and for those who are more comfortable eating at home.

aloe vera

Alo’s little sister operates in the happy middle ground between haute cuisine and familiar favorites. For example, this menu features cheese bread with toasted sourdough butter, pistachios and lemon burrata, Dutch crab tenderloin, and ruby ​​chocolate mousse with freeze-dried raspberries and lemon balm. $80 per person. Order online for pickup.


Serve your beloved/friends/own fresh pasta with Nova Scotia lobster and a creamy sauce. Also on the menu is endive salad, smoked beetroot and robiola (a soft Italian cheese); the main course is delicious chicken with tomato, rabini and parmesan. For dessert, there’s a dark chocolate tortilla with a melted chocolate center. There is also the option of a wine flight for the perfect pairing. $110 per person, $70 for wine flights. Order online for pickup or delivery.

Evening Primrose Bagel Company

The good folks at Primrose say bagels are a love language, and we tend to agree. Their loaded bagel brunch spreads include your choice of half a dozen bagels, a selection of schmears and spreads, a quarter pound of gorgeous beet citrus smoked salmon and smoked trout salad. It also comes with cold-pressed orange and grapefruit juice from The Village Juicery and heart-shaped cookies from Bake Shoppe. $75. Order online for pickup or delivery.


It’s not just a menu – it’s a full experience, including pre-recorded instructional food demonstrations (don’t worry, it’s just simple prep) and live Q&A. For $230, you can get two bottles of wine and three courses: a pasta crown stuffed with smoked ricotta and beets, chicken brioche or cauliflower, grilled mushrooms, and herb salad. For dessert, there are chocolate raspberry tarts and various chocolate sweets. If that’s not fancy enough for you, opt to add luxuries like oysters, black truffles or prosecco. Order online for delivery (Toronto delivery is included in the price).


The beloved cafe and bistro is launching a no-nonsense appetizer to kick off their Valentine’s Day dinner: marinated seafood (octopus, mussels, shrimp), stracciatella with olives, crisp celery and fennel salad, and buttered sourdough. The hearty main course is beef cheek with pepper sauce, kale and twice baked potatoes; dessert is chocolate cream pie and peanut butter. Tip: Donna’s has a great bottle shop in case you want to pair dinner with the perfect wine. $80 per person. Order online for pickup.


For uncompromising vegetarian options, Gia is a plant-based restaurant known for its creativity in Italian cuisine. Start with Barese-style potato focaccia, baby gem salad with enoki mushrooms and chives, and rapini sautéed in roasted garlic olive oil and peperoncino. For entrees, choose from Aged Gouda and Porcini Pasta, Vegan Lasagna with Cashew Sauce, or Pasta Mushrooms with Tuscan Kale. Finished with a chef (vegan) surprise dessert. $120 for two. Order online for pickup or local delivery.

Noble House

Inspired by their favorite things to eat in Montreal, the couple behind this supper club are throwing a French-Canadian brunch extravaganza. It includes a smoked salmon platter loaded with all the accessories like house-cured salmon and bagels; pastrami with rye, yellow mustard, pickles and coleslaw; and a pillowy sour cream coffee cake with cinnamon sugar. You need to reheat the brisket, but everything else is refrigerated and ready to eat. $90 for two, $170 for four with the option to add whole Gruyere cheese and caramelized onion quiche and/or French toast (perfect for the little ones). Order online for pickup or delivery.


This modern Middle Eastern kitchen is offering amazing three-course pricing. Started with labneh garnished with honey, sumac and roasted salsify (among other things), followed by a main course of kreplach dumplings, smoked eggplant, roasted garlic tofu skewers and other delicacies, and ended with a dessert of roasted macaroons and pistachio ice cream . There is even an option to add a bouquet of flowers. $65 per person, plus $55 or $105 for flowers. Order online for pickup or delivery.

general betty

An ultra-creative special occasion menu complements the course at this much-loved Danfoss restaurant. Choose your own adventure from a range of à la carte options: Deli, Secret Meatballs with Garlic Bread, Oysters with Puppets and Hot Sauce, or the cheeky “Triple” Chocolate Cake with Ganache and White Chocolate Frosting. Finish it off with bubbles from their bottle shop or cute things on the shelves, like a Tinder tip magazine or a sexy crossword puzzle. $5-42. Order online for pickup.

Maple Tavern

This Leslieville establishment offers seafood feasts for two. There are Smoked Kolapore Springs Trout Puffs, Fogo Island Snow Crab Salad, Black Truffle Arancini with Herb Cream and Whole Snapper with Fennel and Celery en papillote. Finish off with a white chocolate raspberry Bavarian wine, add cheese and a charcuterie board and/or wine, champagne or cocktails to make the night even more special. $195 for two. Order online for pickup.


Relive the old days with this 80s-inspired Valentine’s Day feast, complete with links to retro playlists. Start with a miso kielbasa “lunch” of homemade aged cheddar and crackers, then dive into a seven-layer dip and a modern twist on a waldorf salad. The Swedish meatball stroganoff is the highlight, and the dessert is the miso chocolate bread pudding.You can even get movie snacks for your screenings veneer dance or When Harry Met Sally (excluding VHS tapes). $130 for two. Order online for pickup or delivery.

Richmond Station

start your romantic (or other) celebration, start your romantic (or other) celebration, start your romantic (or other) celebration, start your romantic (or other) celebration, and start your romantic (or other) celebration with Beemster and Honey Endive salad with croutons; then, truffle polenta and hand-cut pasta cacio e pepe in braised beef shank. And of course dessert: cocoa meringue, assorted chocolates and a bottle of sparkling Pinot Meunier from Kew Vineyards. $199 for two. Order online for pickup or delivery.

la mesa

Lamesa gives you the option to customize the Philippine prix-fixe menu for two people. Start with a small bite, with a choice of longanisa sausage ravioli or adobo duxelle. Starters are milkfish fillets, chopped papaya salad or ukoy (crispy shrimp and vegetable fritters). Spicy kare kare noodles, chimichurri and garlic chicken adobo and lechon liempo (roasted pork belly) are your main event options. Cover it with mango or uber tiramisu. $60 per person. Call or email to order pickup.


Say it with… meat and cheese. For just $125, enjoy a curated selection of Italian sausages, fresh formaggi, grissini and other easy-to-skewer snacks. (If you need more than a deli cone, a multi-course meal is available.) Order online for pickup.

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